Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting an NBI Clearance in Batangas

How I got my NBI clearance (081511)

I woke up at 4 and when to the NBI office in BATANGAS by 5 a.m. I was told that the office would open at 8 a.m. and that people from last FRIDAY (all 150 of them) would be allowed to go in BEFORE the people who lined up just that morning. (collective groan)

All I brought with me was :

(1) valid government issued I.D. = in my case it was my POSTAL I.D.

I got some help from a friend of my mom's and I got a number 136 from last Friday. NBI in Batangas is relatively fixer free. I didn't pay anyone for that number, they just know my mom and so they helped her. *Not going to be mentioning names so that nobody gets in trouble*

I got in around 8. People who had numbers lined up too so they got in before I did. Still I was in the cashier line and paid 115php.

They gave me the form to fill out and I did. I panicked when I didn't know my weight and height in pounds and centimeters. I was surprised because they didn't even bother encoding it in. T_T, I found out my dad's birthplace is in Calicanto, Batangas City not in Isabela. ^.^;

Note: Remember to use an I.D. that has a "number" otherwise the ID would not be okay to use. Make sure you have extra paperwork like NSO birth certificate and marriage contract.

Step 1a: CASHIER. Paid 115. Got form to fill out. GET YOUR RECEIPT.
Step 1b: Give to NBI form checkers. They will tell you if you wrote the incorrect thing on the form.
Step 1c: Let those form checkers give the form to the encoder.
Step 2: ENCODING. You have to wait for your name to be called and the lady or manong who encodes would type in the information and you will see if the information in another screen that is facing you. VERY USEFUL. Be sure to point out any mistakes or this would be a problem for you.
STEP 3: PICTURE and BIOMETRICS. Fall in line for the picture and biometrics (no more inky fingers all techie now) Do not be in awe of the electronic finger reader thingy. It's called a biometrics. (Kinda like in the picture)

If you have a namesake: 
You would have to wait for 22 days at most especially if this person has a criminal record.
What you need: (1) A recent 2x2 picture that you need to give to the biometrics guy after he tells you that you have a namesake with a record. (2) More patience.

If you DON'T have a namesake :

*If you got to this point at around 10 then there is a chance that  you would hear the best two words you can ever hear in this kind of situation "AFTER LUNCH".

This means you will get your NBI clearance after their employees lunch time.

Note: That is around 12 or 1 pm so make sure you have something to do while passing the time. I do not suggest a music player since you would have to listen for your name at times and if you are not attentive enough, you would miss your chance and they would move on to the next person, who is more attentive than you are.

You have to give the receipt that you have to the person in the inside who asks for it. She will get the clearances that would be released. 

Step 4 :  NBI Clearance 
One of the employees is tasked to call out the names of the people who are going to get their NBI Clearance. This is embarrassing for people like me who hate getting their name announced.

NOTE : Prepare 5php since they would charge you for the envelope. You would be too happy to refuse to pay since you keep thinking that you might not get the clearance if you don't dish out. This is a new spin to their "wet ones" before when  you had to put your thumbmark on the form. 

Let's summarize: 

You need:

1. 1 Valid I.D. (one that has a number on it/gov ID if possible)
2. 2x2 picture 
3. 120 php (115 + 5)
4. a relatively thick book or a gaming gadget 
5. a fully charged cellphone (bring a spare battery if you have one) with earphones
6. water & biscuits
7. a fan (if you have those battery operated ones bring that)
8. money for lunch 
9. patience  
10. pen (make sure it's working)

Step 1: Cashier. Pay, show ID, get form. Fill out form.
Step 2. Encoding
Step 3: Picture and Biometrics
Step 4: Get NBI Clearance

Sounds easy enough. But it took me 5am til 2 to finish up and that was with a lot of help from other people. It's relatively fixer proof but you can't really etch out the small ways people try to hoodwink you.

Suggestion to NBI: Get a permanent provider who is even better than the old one  you kicked out. I hope De Lima stops filling cases against people and makes sure the other parts of her job is handled better from now on. Personally, I am sure I would have an even more horrid time getting my SSS picture schedule. I am sure of it.

If the president spent less time chumming up to socialites, I think he would have more time fixing the system that is en shambles.  Hop to it, Mr. President.


  1. Great post. Salamat sa information. I agree with your suggestions. Dapat talaga fully computerized na sila. Dapat online requests na rin lang para hindi ganito kahirap.

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    1. Thanks for liking it. ^.^ I haven't blogged in a while. 2012 was a blog black out for me. I was trying to get used to my company's code of conduct deal. Now I am a little braver to blog about things I am dealing with because well...I am already regularized. I just need to make sure not to incriminate anyone. Or risk the cyber law bullshit to hit me in the fan and our code of conduct to bitchslap me. I'll add you to my reading list.


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