Friday, August 26, 2011


I haven't updated my meals lately since I have been busy but I am telling my future me that from Day 1 to now Day *can't remember what day it is actually. *checks* DAY 9! I still haven't eaten rice. There was one time that I forgot that I was on a no rice challenge and was thinking of what I was going to eat. I decided not to stick to an oatmeal alternative coz my brother (the biologist) told me that it increases acids in the tummy. So I didn't want to get hyper-acidity or something like that. Stomach problems are worse than voice problems for someone who talks for a living.

So far I only feel less hungry these days. And I am wondering why that is. I am a rice gang member and I got hungry a lot during those days. I likes to eat snacks a lot. But now, when I had to shun it, the cravings are lesser.

I will be starting the USANA essentials that my brother gave me last week. I have them in zip locks somewhere in my bags. One is the vitamins one and the other one is the minerals one. I forgot the names and I promised him that I would document everything that I would feel when I take them. He send me the information about but I have yet to find time to read them. But I will definitely write down the effects that I would feel in the next three days. I might start it later. Just in case. He told me the effects (side effects) have a particular malady that it might represent. It tells the person, "This is what might be wrong with you, you unhealthy lazy person."

I was worried about taking it when I still had my wounds infected since they might cancel out of not have the right effect for me since I was under a different kind of medication. Since my wounds look like they are healing, then I am more confident that it wouldn't have any effects that would be negative.

So I will take the 7-day before the 5 Day Reboot Program that my brother signed me up for. It takes a little bit more than my regular food allowance for myself. I hope things would pan out for me. But if it would help me lose weight without having to exercise (The weather is not cooperating with me lately) then it would be worth a try. Besides, nothing could be worse than that appetite suppressant I got from that Chinese drugstore. At the very least this meal replacement thing might just save me time.

I admit to eating bad stuff like lechon kawali and I even ate that sundae once since I started this no rice challenge. But the thing is that I might have to drink some coke later since I need to get the bad blood out of my body. My visitor that comes only twice a year has arrived. And I need to welcome it with a bang. *yes I know after my derma scolded me I know my mom would drag me to the obgyne next time* *dear god. I hate going to the doctor. Especially one that would stick cold metallic stuff into my hoohoo or press and pinch.* Oh well.

I need to find working weight scale. I want to know if I ever lost any weight. That might be a good motivation. But I am not hopeful. Someone as lazy as me wouldn't be that lucky. :-)

But hey, the only way this can make me sad is if I give up, right? So I won't. ^.^

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