Monday, August 22, 2011

Day # 3: Sundae On a Saturday Slip #45DNoRice

Breakfast: bread + chicken

Lunch: chicken + bread

Dinner: (skipped - fell asleep)

Extra: Double Hot fudge sundae

Verdict: Sundae Bad Alert!

Note: I had a bad case of sugar crash because of the Sundae that I ate. My head actually hurt because of what I did. In my defense I was going to the doctor and I was anticipating that I would get injections. Thank God I didn't. I still had to go through antibiotics.

Addamentum: Since I have to drink antibiotics 4x a day, I have to eat something before I do so. So I might not be able to eat just three times a day. I will still continue with the no rice thing, but I might have to eat more frequently so I can take my meds.

USANA: My brother decided to sell me some essentials (vitamins and minerals) and would put me on a 5-day program of USANA. I would replace meals with nutrimeal. Strawberry flavor! But I would do that in September. It's a little pricey. But it costs the same as going to the gym. If I can get the right vitamins and minerals while avoiding rice, then I think it would be much better. If I wanted to expel more energy, I can always go to Ayal triangle. But with the weird weather lately, I don't know if I can. That and my stupid wounds are in the way. *can barely walk*

The author of this blog is not a licensed nutritionist or a fitness expert. *obviously* So do what you think works for you but don't take my word as gospel. This is a trial and error thing I am doing so I don't want trolls to tell me they tried this and it failed to give out any decent results.

The 45 days Ninya No Rice Challenge

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