Friday, August 19, 2011

Day # 1: Kanin Gang Challenge #45DNoRice


Ham and Cheese + 1 cup of coffee (creamed)


1 with milk chocolate flavored oatmeal (Quakers) + 4 Pieces of shanghai


1 fresh lumpia (need to remember to ask for extra sauce for this bitin eh)
tofu sticks (saraaaaaap! Goto king!)

bulalo (one piece)
a bit of fruit salad
one piece korean custard thingy
1 Nescafe black
Siomai (2 pieces)

Verdict: NEEDS improvement! Snacking Alert!!!

Exercise : ZERO! (have some wounds that hurt when standing can't go jogging yet will go to doctor on Saturday to fix this)

Comment :

Eating food that do not come in a rice combo is expensive. Need to buy century tuna to eat it with my oatmeal alternative.

Also bought:

plastic containers
plastic spoons

Note to self: Kanin gang are supportive. ^.^ As long as I don't act like I am some anoxeric pretentious biatch I might just live through this hooplah.

45 Days Ninya No Rice Challenge

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