Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secret Homecoming: the Eyecandy Eyeball Project part2

So it was settled. I told EC aka Reina that based on the schedule that she gave (9-12) that the gals were okay with having the "meeting" on Independence day. I thought the only thing that I had to worry about was that it was a Sunday and I didn't know where Banaple was.

Yes, I didn't know where the Ayala triangle was and I have been living in Makati for more than a couple of years and several other times in the past. Bite me.

But as per Reina's stalking other things emerged. But more on that later.


Okay, so I was the genius who got an FB message from EC saying that she didn't have my Pinas numbers. *We refer to it that way since she has a Saudi number* And it was hours before her flight leaves. T_T, I read it eight hours after she sent it.

I was so calm that I felt like a headless chicken running around a pressure cooker.

I sent emails to people we knew. Facebook was not an option because EC was deactivating hers since her smartphone checks in at foursquare and other apps. (This app and site would prove to be useful to us later).

I had reached my limit when I sent an email to the PINK TARHA website contact email. Thank God for the quick reply. So I got EC's Saudi number. (I would later realize that I had it all along when I punched it in and the number was already registered to her name. Tsss.)

So I had her number.

All systems go, right?

Wrong again.

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