Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Premonitions in Book Purchases

When I bought this book I didn't think I would be dating let alone be blogging about a boyfriend who is three years younger than me.

I bought this book initially because I have been looking for a book where the main character was a woman named CARLA. Since one of my super girlfriends is named that, it was my advocacy to find  a book with their name in it. As for the rest, if I have to write it, I will. Their name would find their way into novel or a chic lit or my pen name isn't Pinaywriter.

I left my copy in Batangas and I am sure my dad has tried reading it at least once. He's a book fiend too and he has insomnia so he's bound to have stumbled upon it whether he ran out of pocketbooks or not. 

I too wanted something like a "no strings attached" relationship. I am really not ready to disperse my energy on being an adult, writing my novels, editing other people's novels, paying off my debts, hanging out and making new memories with friends, and dating a man-child. 

But life's odd and bitchy like that. Just when you say, "I don't need a boyfriend right now." you get a chance to meet a friend's friend and he falls for you. ^.^

What can we do, our girl parts, they catch stuff all the time. ^.^

Anyway, if you know a Carla who is dating a younger guy and is trying to make something out of a humdrum life, this is the one you should get her for her birthday...or at least read with her when she has the time to. It should prove to be entertaining.

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