Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long Weekend in Bullet points

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. After the Padi's point event, which was nice since I felt refreshed when I woke up, my weekend seemed propelling into an whirpool.

I will just erase some of the parts so that I will never remember them again. I am not big on airing out my dirty laundry (hindi daw o) and I would like to just focus on the fact that

1. We managed to watch First Class and it was awesome!

2. I managed to introduce Ico to Ate Joy and Jewe, my college roomies at 4214 Women's Dorm.

3. I was able to go home and get my laundry taken care of.

4. I watched the last few episodes of Playful Kiss again and it inspired me.

5. I was able to make a new story concept MY KIMCHI KIKAY which I plan to finish and submit to COH when it's done.

6. I have written 3414 words for MY KK. ^.^ And some of them were on the bus ride back to Makati yesterday. I almost missed my stop. T_T, Good thing I didn't leave anything on the bus.

Lessons learned:

1. I am always going to be lost.

2. Boyfriend needs to get used to the room's temperature and would go all pouty on me when he is in transition. Do not take this personally.

3. I am still a deep empath. I need to remember that I should surround myself with positive people. So boyfriend needs to put his happy thoughts and direct them to the universe otherwise he is on thin ice. I really don't want a forever with a person who I have to tolerate as an emo or a raincloud.

4. Not saying anything can save a relationship more than confronting every little misunderstanding. At least in my case since I NEVER SHUT UP.

5. Rice crispies are called BUSA in Batangas. ^.^ I had forgotten that and it's great to remember that again.

6. I need to clean my room so that I would be open to writing. T_T *Right this is gonna happen*

Things to do this week:

1. Send paperwork necessary for the "through the fire" gig.

2. Write more chapters for MY KK. *Finish if at all possible.

3. Save moolah for rent and for Banaple date with Trina, Ji and Fried.

4. Find out where Banaple is. ^.^

5. Get the package that is coming on June 11th. Remember to tell friends about it on the 12th.

6. Text bf more positive things. ^.~

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