Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Search of a Vince I found a Kerfag

I was googling for an e-book version of Vince's life (book 1 of 3) since I have given up hope that I would ever find and OWN a copy of that book. I already bought, read and LOST my copies of the second and third book. But the only person I know who has that book is my friend's roomie Bianca. T_T I am too shy to borrow it for like a day and xerox it and love it and what not.

But while I was looking for it I saw this book.

I went, "I WANT THIS!~" I am a kerfag as well and I also used it to get over my horrible ex who tore my heart into a million pieces and left me to bloat into the 77 kgs self

Imagine being this hot...

To being this NOT so hot


Anyway, Boys over flowers, Coffee Prince, and the numerous other korean dramas, idols and actors saved me from grabbing any guy off the street. *That and the fact that I snarl at them when I see them might be the reason.*

So I really want to read this book.

Although I now have an oppa who loves me whatever shape I may be.

It wouldn't hurt to exercise more, eat less like a Kanin gang member and read this book.

Check out the excerpt here and the synopsis/teaser here.

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