Thursday, June 16, 2011

25 things I learned from MY father

This Reader's Digest article inspired me to write my own 25 things I learned from my father.

25 things I learned from my TATAY

1. Don't touch the railings and walls that you pass by. If you are careless and reckless, you will end up with more than dirty hands.

2. Good honest and funny men make the best husbands.

3. Put the alcohol in your belly and not in your head.

4. Respect is earned and not easily regained when lost.

5. Criticize people who are older or more powerful away from earshot.

6. Be a good son/daughter and your children would love you.

7. Small things can show love. Bringing slippers to a tired and busy man can warm his heart.

8. You will always be a kid in your father's heart.

9. Father and Son is a great song.

10. They made great music two decades ago and no amount of Lady Gaga and boybands can undo that.

11. Money is not the only condition for happiness. But it wouldn't hurt to mary a hardworking man with a stable job.

12. Not all men are cheaters.

13. Sports is not just for boys.

14. Read when you need to fall asleep easily.

15. Look on both sides before you cross the street.

16. Don't leap before you look.

17. Invest on good pairs of shoes.

18. Go to church and be thankful.

19. Mustaches are not for everybody.

20. A man's dignity is priceless.

21. Stay positive.

22. Eat your vegetables.

23. Laugh often. But don't treat your life as a joke.

24. Cook with love.

25. Break bread and chink glasses often with people who are important to you. No matter how busy you are have one meal with your family preferably dinner.

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