Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secret Homecoming: the Eyecandy Eyeball Project part3


When EC arrived, she texted me "A GODDESS IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!"

I wasn't supposed to meet her at MOA but I figured it would be a great idea to do so. So I told her to sms me when she was there. It was supposed to be the first day since she got back. *technically her second day in the damn country* and she was going get beautified.

I groaned.

I loved salons just as much as I loved lethal injections. Ergo the state of my hair.

My list of favorite places include

1. cemeteries at night
2. hospitals
3. salons
4. dark alleys
5. haunted places

So you know how much I love beauty salons.

When she sent me a message I was confused.

1. She was not at MOA but Market!Market!

2. She was at BenchFixIt. (I won't explain this one I don't like to write nega stuff about places where the people use sharp things as a part of their jobs)

I rode the MRT to the Ayala station.

And as we know the MRT is so spacious at 2:30 that farting would cause an entire line to explode in cuss words. Being a girl didn't help. The number of pregnant women, thunders (oldies) and ladies has increased beyond the control of the much debated RH Bill.

I got on the jeepneys that go to Market!Market! and uneventfully arrived at the mall.

Reina on the other hand has LEFT the salon by the time I got there. Kuddos to the people there, they were attentive enough to remember her name. Must be because she dropped more than 6k on her stay there. I would remember her name too.

The very kind me said "I'm gonna kick her." Why do you ask am I so jolly? It was because Market!Market! was too big to leave a shoe and shopping fiend like her with their red SALE posters abound.

But luckily, I had enough load to text her and I waited for her outside a store named KIKAY. *Yes, I realized the irony of it.*

She hugged me after she ran towards me. I was excited and relieved to see her.

She was worried that people would have the same blank reaction that I had.

I was tired from work and wearing my Mig Ayesa shirt. I gave her the Mig Ayesa shirt that Mig's Lovely Miss L sent for her.

I met her cousin Candy and we went to eat at Kabisera then Cupcake then roamed around only to find out that Serenity was still chairless. We ended up in CBTL and I realized that Candy was a chronic scrapbooker (I love that about her) and a teacher as well.

But trouble loomed. According to Isaac's stalker worthy tweets, he was at Marciano's (I think I got that name wrong but who cares we didn't eat there) and I needed to smoke.

But since Isaac tweets everything and checks in on all of his locations, we were relieved that we didn't bump into him when I bought Peel at the cigarette stand on the third floor of GB3.

We parted ways before they could hit their curfew.

Everything was ready since I had scheduled what time EC and I would meet in Greenbelt that coming Sunday.

I was planning to sleep the entire day on Saturday since I knew in my gut that I would not be able to sleep until Monday afternoon.

How true it was...How so very right I was...

Everything was settled and there wouldn't be a hiccup, right?

Wrong the third time. 

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