Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alive-est by Sam Davidson : Anawangin Adventure

I think the boat ride to the large island we were supposed to visit made me feel the most alive. We were in a tiny boat that fit the four of us and a boatman. The water was salty and hitting us in the body and face because the swells were huge from the rainy weather. It didn't rain during that time but the waves were too big for larger boats to take us to the three islands. We ended up just going to one island but every time the boat went up a wave and then landed back down I did a whoop. It was like being in a jungle log jam and space shuttle at the same time.

I think that I definitely need to travel more. I plan to visit there with an waterproof camera so that I can actually take a picture of the rocks. It's very beautiful there. And probably we would go there during the not so rainy season. The place had the calm and the storm in it. I think I really need to get out of the city more. But I have to work harder so that next time I would actually have the money to pay my way.

We were ninja riding the waves since they were too big to swim against or with. We got sand everywhere, we almost drown in the foam, we saw each other go under and sputter. We laughed and we found that despite all the things we had to do come Monday, there were Saturdays to ninjaride or lazysurf in the ocean. 

Motivation gauge : Full

Need more shots like this :

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