Monday, May 30, 2011

26 years of Love and Project 26

I think people who complain on their birthday are sad creatures that are a waste of oxygen.

I am thankful of a lot of things that it wouldn't fit in a list of 26 things or people.

My 25th year has been a year of highs and lows and it's unbelievably awesome that I got to go through so much and come out with a person to love and more inspiration.

I guess positivism works.

I look forward to so many more challenges and things to cross out on my goal list. I think I have crossed out enough stuff on my crazy list that I am settling into a more boring version of myself.

Here's to me!~

So here are the Project 26 things that I WILL do.

1. Take at least one picture for my day and post it online.

It's kinda like the project 365 thing that people got going in flicker but I don't have a dslr so I would have to settle with my camera phone.
Of course I would blog about it. And plurk about it.

So watch out for that.

2. I would BE (and not just learn) to be MORE PATIENT

I have a notorious temper. I know that I need to practice to be patient if I EVER WANT TO HAVE SPAWNS. Because God knows I would spawn some really daimon kids if ever.

3. I would PAY OFF (and not just try) my MOM Debt.

It's about damn time. I have a bf who needs to learn how to save some spare money to be able to pay for dates. But I know that this would help us both.

I might take up writing for money again (more for novels not SEO) and take a part-time job. *Yes you read it right, lazy bones me would try to over work for once) If all else fails I might have to leave this beloved kimchi industry and move to kissing westerners asses once again. But that is a worst case scenario.

4. OPEN and KEEP a personal savings bank account.

It would take me a while but I would start with putting money in my RUKAWA coin bank and my TOY Story coin bank. *Yes, I love manga and Pixar, bite me.*

Then I would put all the things that I would save there and some extra money that I might get in the next few months so that I can pay off my debts and have emergency money for the future.

I prefer BDO since there is a bank right next door to my apartment.

5. EDIT THE NOVELS that are on hold.

I am still the EIC for TOP and I need to work on the remaining BBBS. I would need to work on the old and new writer's novels and I need to work on the ones I plan to pass to COH.


I think I would risk not being as close as I want to be with people just so I can save money. Sometimes it's hard to make them understand that I can't make ends meet and that I want to stop asking my parents for money. I am 26 now. My cousins have already gotten knocked up and hitched by now. I should shape up.


Seriously, I want to buy at least six pants in this entire year. I need to store pants because I don't want to abuse my pants anymore. *HDs and burners can wait.* I can't go to work without pants.


I am a total slob. And the real reason why I don't want to have a roomate is because it forces me to clean all the time. I don't want to have an OC roomate so I usually end up with someone who is messier than me. That is not good for my pores.

I plan to clean this June 6 since it's Memorial Day in Korea and I don't have to go to work.

9. Finish BIGB Series and ELBILIFE SERIES.

This is a big feat because there are four more 25,000 words novels for the BigB and at least three more for ELBILIFE. But I really really want to finish this.

I also have the Girls on T.O.P to finish. So I need a lot of time for this. I hope Ne Sarang understands my need for him to not cut the writing flow once I have it.

10. Manage to live on four hours of sleep a day.

This is counterproductive, I know. But by my estimation, if I do part-time or write after work, I would only have enough time for four hours of sleep from Monday to Friday.

This would make me irate most of the time and not in the mood to play hookie which I think Ne Sarang has a difficulty to grasp. *MEN!*

11. Loose a considerable amount of weight.

Because I have the rubber shoes for it I really shouldn't have anymore excuses except for the rain. But I am thinking that perhaps if Ne Sarang pushes through with the Saturday jogging thing this year it would be better for our health and it would be better for us since we would be doing something other than watching a movie together. That costs money, jogging on the other hand only costs a pail and half of sweat. ^>^


I have been remiss in helping Norby and I got the notebook which has the story he told me wet. So I don't know how to make it yet again. But I promised that as soon as June starts, I would make that story and send it to him. Tomorrow I have loads of paperwork to do so I can't Plus I am still sick.

We really need to get that comics going.


I wish we had a public library in this backwater country so that people would have a chance to read books and not worry that it's found online too. I think the literacy rate of the people dropped significantly because of the internet. And the jejemons are not helping.

I love to read pocketbooks but I also need to read other novels and other books. They might just come in handy in the future.

14. Learn at least one dish.

I wonder what it would be. I won't set a goal as to what it is. It might not happen. So I would have to be open to the idea first then the dish would cook itself. *in a matter of speaking*

15. BLOG about more significant things other than my sordid little life.

Yes, I know I am a narci when it comes to this blog. But I think I should tackle more serious stuff too. So that at least when I archive this blog in the future where holograms are the thing, I would not feel like I did mental farts all over my blog.


I would not give up my free days to editing and writing novels. I would go to places that are nearby and enjoy my vacation for once. Since I plan to work my ass off during this year, I would also enjoy the vacations and holidays as much as I can. Same goes for my weekends.

I would work on what I need to work on during the weekdays and I would make sure that the weekends are sacredly for recreation or rest.

I don't think my love would be able to go to a lot of places since he would be busy at school, with his OJT and this Thesis. But I am sure we can find a compromise to inspire each other.

17. Mature but remember to be a child.

I know that I tend to take things to the extremes. If I am a reckless kid I go all out. But when I try to be an adult I turn into this old maid prude. I really need to find some balance between the two *that is not to costly*

18. BE more prayerful

I know that I am remise when it comes to thanking God for the blessings that I get. I guess that is why it's trickling down to the last few drops.

But since I live next door to a church I might as well pray more, right? I remember that I used to pray a lot when I feel bad or when I can't handle the situation. *didn't know that about me, didn't you?* I loved the whole seperate prayer room concept of the Catholic church. I got tired of attending mass and I used to hole up in the separate prayer room instead talking to the "body of christ" crucifix about my hopes and my dreams. I think I was really conflicted during that time because of my unsavory relationships and decisions. But now there isn't a lot of those in my life and I think I don't pray as much because of that.

I think I would try to spend some time to meditate and unwind at the Sacred Heart. This time I would be talking about work, thanking God for my family, friends and my new love.

I think we all need to renew our faith from time to time. I am still not a drone churchgoer but I would be more converstant towards the Big guy and his kid.

19. Make BETTER memories

My friend told me once that money is something that you can earn. But memories are once in a lifetime.

My addamentum to that is, "Today is not the last day to do something unless it's the last one you'll live."

So many people get upset when they don't get a chance to do something and they become desperate to get their way sometimes. In my case, I have rushed through love, life and my decisions long enough. It's about damn time to mellow down.

I am sure this would be a challenge for me but I like Barney always says CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

20. Continue to learn new things.

My favorite line is "I learned something new today." I think this is an important UP lesson that we can't forget. Once we forget to widen our horizon, pick up a new thing once in a while, we would be stagnant and later one we would stink.

I really prefer to be bullied because I explain things to long than try to dumb down what I say to others. Because I believe that if one can not improve on the silence, they should just shut that F up.


I want a TIN CARD, SSS *even just the slip that says I have a schedule for a picture*, NBI ID *if at all possible* or at least a renewed one.

If at all possible, I want a voter's ID too.
I am sure I would look fat in them forever but who gives a rat's a**.

22. Decorate my room well.

I need to clean out the closets, throw away things that I don't need, decorate the walls accordingly, KEEP THE FLOOR clean and to make sure that I don't get anymore accidents in my room involving water and flooding.


I know, so very KUNG FU PANDA 2, right? But I really really wish that this state of self-awareness that I have would lead to me being about find balance and harmony in my life.

It's really though since I think I would be the mature one in my relationship for a veryyyyyyyyyy long time. *It's a guy thing, it takes them DECADES to shed off their boyish insecurities and rought spots.*

24. CUSS less.

Yes, I know. This is the hardest one on my life thus far.


Okay, now I want to smoke...


*does the finger thing*

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