Monday, May 23, 2011

I pity you

I always say that when I am still mad at you it means I still care.
Now there is a new person whom I am adding to the pity list. This is the list of people whom I pity for very very personal reasons. This is not the kind of pity that makes a person want to help that other person. It's the pity that makes you put up your hands and let God deal with that particular glitch in the matrix.

So far there was my ex, a former classmate and ex-roomate and now their is a girl who can't quite understand the concept of friendship and humility.

This justifies my opinion that people will never change and you can't force them to. Also that you can't argue with idiots because they are fully convinced that they are correct.

It'll be a waste of good cells to care for a person who can't even find it in herself to love the truth about who she really is. I have long embraced that I am a liar and that I HATE CHANGE. But because of the friends who have been honest to me about them hating me then and telling me when I am not being a good person, I became a better person.

So to her friends, if you feel like you are afraid that your friend would betray you. You are wrong. You are not really friends.

In my book a friend is someone you can trust to help you dig up a hole in the middle of the forest to help you bury an ex-boyfriend who replaced you with an ugly brainless twit. They should be vaults. They should protect you and not sell you out. You should have an automatic understanding that one should never betray the others.

I hope that in the future this girl doesn't get into a bull session or a writing workshop, because I am sure there would be a wrestling mania when that happens.

A writer who is incapable of revising her work or accepting constructive criticism is like a reader who is staring and re-reading the same sentences on the front page. They can't move on to better things and they can't see how the end would turn out.

I don't want her guilt to eat her up. I don't want to turn her into a person she wouldn't want to be. But I don't want her to accuse anyone of bailing out on her when in fact we were trying to help her. As they say no good deed goes unpunished. We hope she would come back. I want her to be able to redeem herself. I pray that she would be able to use the revisions that I made on her work and the advice that I gave her to make better stories. Because her style needs to improve, the grammar needs to improve and she needs to understand that marketability is something like a novel in popular Filipino.

If she doesn't come back and continues to live her life incapable of taking creative criticism, then she is condemning herself to a miserable working situation and one-sided relationships.


  1. What is it with you and ranting lately? LOL! Anyway, I agree with you saying that friends should be vaults and should always be with you every step of the way. It is however rare to find people who are like that so good luck in finding them and if you already did then better learn to keep them by your side always.

  2. Remind me to catch up with you and tell you the real story behind my ranting. I think we should make a group that includes you me angel deo big henry and who else? bryan ahahh who else basta mga dolphin and elamp close peeps so we can make kwento life in general. ^.^ I did it with my college friends and my hs barkada. So now we can talk about stuff the same way we used to when we were in the corner gossiping about people ahahah. Even my bf doesn't know the whole story. ^.^ It's to depressing to talk about it and the issue is sensitive so I practiced tact this time. WHOA right? ahahah


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