Friday, May 27, 2011

Gravity is a B **tch

I shouldn't have bought water for the weekend. I should have waited for the next day. I should but a lower yet steadier table to put my water in. But these ideas would not change the fact that my 5 gallon slim water container fell forward for no apparent reason. *I placed it perfectly steady on the very same place I have always put those things* It flooded my tiny-ass cell of a room and the water seeped to the second floor. Which of course, caused the rats err...the ladies who live downstairs to scramble and give me grief. Their light went out because it got wet. I don't have money or a deposit so I am preparing myself for some massive screaming later today.

I hope they don't ask me for my deposit or to pay for what happened. It was an accident and I suffered enough. All of my shit is wet because of it. I had to do impromptu clean up and wipe down because of that. I had to sleep on the dry side of my futon. My other one was as wet as a freaking sponge.

*note to self* Putting Japanese mats in my room might not be a crazy idea after all.

All in all I had a fabulous day, what with having a fever and cough, getting wet, cleaning up when I feel like shit, being blammed for their nights being ruined and possibly getting kicked out of my room *knocks on wood* as well as getting upset over little things, birthday blues and 100th day plan mishaps, I had a peachy day of pure awesomeness. *sarcasm sign*

I just hope that the "meet the Bautistas" is not as horrible as the "meet the Mirandas". Wait, the Mirandas loved me. So it should be better than that. But I was hot, sweet and not sick during that time. T_T It's gonna be a long weekend.

*Also the only Kung Fu Panda showing on Sunday costs an arm and a leg. So good luck sa amin ni Ico.*

I just want my 26th year to start already.
I deleted some movies and freed 63GB. I might just delete the lot of them when I am through with this. I just hope I have enough money to buy a burner already. I really really really want to clean up my laptop.

Brightside: I am hoping my bf learned a lesson not to press me when I am sick. I am learning to apologize for being a bitch. Empresz is back on Facebook...*too soon in my opinion but rebirth or not I hope she learned her lesson. (hoping really really hard) and my laptop didn't get doused in the GOT WATER tipping fiasco.

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