Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have been so pissed off lately that I have been slowly going towards the SYCOR version of my personality.  The kind who snarls, gets random minor migraine attacks and keeps everything to herself. Sycor usually flattens egos and kick ass when necessary but when it is the depressed hurt version of my Sycor persona, he tends to destroy everything good in his path and leaves me miserable. He has an evil streak so I needed to stop the descend to the abyss personality. Luckily, I stumbled upon a favorite artist, Mig Ayesa. I googled the lyrics of one of his songs and ended up registering for OURSTAGE. I remember that they mentioned it in the fanpage once that he was competiting for a category. I was too busy to register then but I have listened to that song before.


So far I have been listening to just a couple of songs while making the (personally I consider useless) class information for my students. I am feeling better.

When people ask my why sometimes I am unusually positive when I look at things, it's because of artists like him who sing songs that are not just about love or being cool.

You should seriously listen to UNITED AS ONE and you would smile at the intro. *listening to it now*

*sighs* I hope we won't have an Ondoy with this Chedeng that would hit during my boyfriend's birthday week. T_T

Positive messages, singers, it's possible to put them in your songs. Try nyo lang. (Try it.)

Reina, my bessie will be able to come home after three years and I need to unearth the Got Mig shirt that Miss L gave her.

I will post the picture when I give it to her. It won't be long we'll be fan girling again. As for now...*listens with foot following the melody*

P.S. Loves the ORDINARY MAN song. It reminds me of my dad. ^.^ And hopefully my future husband *winks at Ne Sarang*

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