Monday, May 9, 2011

The Man who can't be moved - The Script

This is a great song. Ne Sarang plurked about it. I like it because I too have tried to wait for someone. Come to think about it I was so adamant to wait for him that I had let others who were far better than him pass by. I sat myself down and people looked at me like I was asking for something that I didn't really need. When I finally decided my ass was hurting from waiting out in the cold, I got up and walked away from that "street corner". Now when I pass by it, I feel triumphant. Since there are those who are still sitting on street corners and waiting for someone to help them up. ^.^


  1. This is a beautiful song! I know I'm not the person who can relate to the song, but it has strong emotion in the lyrics and melody. :)

  2. IKR ahahah Sana makadownload ako ng copy ng songs nila ehehe. ^.^


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