Monday, May 2, 2011

Pinaywriter EIC Hiatus

Here is the thing.
I have so many stories to edit and I as the story goes, I only have two hands.

I hope that you would understand that I am focusing on the E-Books for now and that I would not be available to help you in the beginning of your work.

I have said that I would be okay with some stories to be posted at the .com and I will edit them in the future. But this applies only to authors and those whose ability I have already approved.

But this in NO WAY IS FAVORITISM. It's more like TRUST and BALANCE. Because even those who are very very good keep their HUMILITY and not let their stories get to the .com without me finishing it.

It springs from slight insecurity and *I dare say this* their trust that I would be able to help them improve their already passionate piece.

IF ANYONE THINK THEY ARE MY FAVORITE BECAUSE I LET THEM BREEZE THROUGH then they are wrong. Because those whom I bug, I stress out, I repeatedly critique, those are the ones whose work I RESPECT. I don't have any favorites. I am too selfish to like other people than myself. *again I dare say this*

If you think I favor you above the others, then you are wrong. I make the same offers to all the writers, post then I will edit when I have time. But why have they not posted or insisted on being posted at the .com without me returning the other half of their work or their novel despite INSISTENT TOPPERS DEMAND? Because they respect their work too much. They love writing and they want to give out the best work they could out.

Again, if there is anyone who wields my name as their sole champion. They are wrong. I am the champion, nay, the devil's advocate of all the writers in this group. I am relentless but I am not without a knowledge of my own flaws. I would own up to whatever I do wrong for I always have a reason for doing them. My manners may not be a polished as others, but my love and passion matches yours.

Translation: Pasensya na wala akong oras sa mga taong feeling nila special sila. We are all special, thus no one is above the others. I just edit your stuff but I have the heart of the writer too. I have the needs of a reader as well. I want TOP to be better just as much as you want it to stay.
If you think I am harsh and my language is far from being nice but you just need to tell me if I am and I will dial it down. I am here to help not to make people's lives miserable.

I would like to thank RR for the head's up. Never be shy to point out when I am being a mean, bitchy and totally out of place EIC. As for now,  I am taking a break. I need to catch up on BBBS, finish it and worry about the rest once my schedule clears up.

Foo. I just hope you remember that you promised us that you would give us a head's up if any stories gets posted. We are not just hoping for it, we expect it.

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