Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birthday Lists : UNDONE

We should follow through, I didn't. I took too much on my plate and I was not able to get anything done. It's been ten days since my 27th birthday and I don't want my 27th list to end up like my 26th things list : UNDONE. I got more or less 5 out of 26. Seriously not a good thing. T_T. Here they are my forgotten dues.

1. Take at least one picture for my day and post it online. - did not get to do. T_T
2. I would BE (and not just learn) to be MORE PATIENT - tried very very hard - did not accomplish 
3. I would PAY OFF (and not just try) my MOM Debt. - increased mom debt instead - did not accomplish 
4. OPEN and KEEP a personal savings bank account. - did not accomplish 
5. EDIT THE NOVELS that are on hold. - lost data and list - did not accomplish 
6. PAY BILLS ON TIME AND STOP MAKING MORE DEBTS. - first part is ok - but still need deposit to be returned and second part totally didn't accomplish
7. BUY MORE PANTS. - accomplished~
8. KEEP MY ROOM CLEAN AT ALL TIMES. - totally did not accomplish
9. Finish BIGB Series and ELBILIFE SERIES. - did not even write another word na extra
10. Manage to live on four hours of sleep a day. (not doing this anymore) - did not do
11. Loose a considerable amount of weight. - rather the opposite
12. HELP IN YOBO. - did not accomplish
13. READ MORE MEANINGFUL BOOKS. - bought more books but not that meaningful. I bought a poetry book of the Brownings. And a buddhism book.
14. Learn at least one dish. - no cooking at the apartment. no chance to do this.
15. BLOG about more significant things other than my sordid little life. - sort of did not blog about much since busy with work.
16. TRAVEL! - I did went to anawangin that counts
a. Anawangin Adventure
17. Mature but remember to be a child. - tried very hard and sorta accomplished
18. BE more prayerful. - Definitely accomplished. And not just for saying petitions but also ty praying.
19. Make BETTER memories. - made new friends from work, met up with friends and made sure I have more adult memories with them. Went home as often as I could.
20. Continue to learn new things. - Moved to Chase didn't I? Learned that there are a lot of things I don't know and can learn. Cool right?
21. GET GOVERNMENT IDS. - So far totally up to SSS when they will send me my id and I didn't get my BIR since I moved branches. -excuses.
22. Decorate my room well. - I would have to clean it first, right? So no. Did not accomplish.
23. FIND MY INNER PEACE. - I did. But someone tried to break it. But the thing is about inner peace, you can return to it anytime you want. So sorta accomplished
24. CUSS less. - did not accomplish
26. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER. not conclusive. 

As per my 27th list i first blogged about it here. And I would track and update it here.  

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