Monday, May 28, 2012

27 things on my 27th

1.      Boracay with friends. Flabby or penniless, even if I have to aparate to get there.
2.      Get confirmed at work. If not achieved, then get a new job with a good salary in a good company (like there is any better than where you are now)
3.      Loose 20 kgs or more.
4.      Go on a blind date once (when #3 is done) with a decent guy. WATCH BIGBANG CONCERT IN THE PHILIPPINES. Even if I have to go hungry for ages.
5.      Finish and write (and give) the storyline for YOBO to Norby.
6.      WRITE AND POST The Mista Series (working title)
7.      Finish BBBS edits
8.      Finish writing and post THE BigB series
9.      READ and EDIT the novels on my HD and Eros (my laptop) - Finish at least two novels (read and edit) in a month. Start in June 2012.
10.  Buy a flashdrive to make it easier to transfer data from EROS to JD (tablet)
11.  Save at least 50,000-70,000
12.  Pay my mom my debt (once #11 is done)
13.  Get a working internet connection at my apartment (pray that witribe has signal in my spot)
14.  Go to church to pray as often as possible, if not more than 5 days a week.
15.  Clean my room and keep it that way.
16.  Organize things to make space for “Writing area” in room.
17.  Watch Mig Ayesa's concert if I have money. If not achieved, buy new album nevertheless.
18.  Get a credit card with my name on it. Do not overuse.
19.  Learn something new every day.
20.  Write a blog everyday if possible.
21.  Writing time – block an hour or two to write every day. (write a blog entry or write something for the novels you have/or write down your edit marks for a book that you are reading on JD)
22.  Met a man who can make me feel giddy and knows how to reply to an sms message.
23.  Attend all weddings of friends and relatives – enjoy telling people you never want to get married but love the wedding itself and the food.
24.  Never become a negastar and avoid them at all times. (unless company required and under the pain of death)
25.  Laugh as often as possible. Make people who are around happy to be around you. That means listening more talking less. ^.^
26.  Watch as many foreign films as you possibly can during the free festivals. Preferably with someone who actually likes them.
27.  Go on leave for May 30th and 31st of 2013. Make sure to include the weekend then go to the beach or a trip with a beloved or go home and enjoy the fiesta like you used to. Make sure to buy Mernel's cake for your birthday. 



  1. Why's Mer-Nel's so popular??? I haven't met anybody who has achieved #18. I do hope you're the first one. :)

    Wish I could do #11 but heck... =p

    Happy birthday in advance, KT.

  2. I will achieve them, however many years I would have to put them on my list. ehehehe.


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