Monday, May 28, 2012

Rain makes me crazy emo

I saw that BIG BANG mah oppas are going to go the Philippines then saw a post around October from the time when JD Khe died from a new fb friend who added me. I couldn't help but spazz out on the first news and hope I can save money for it. I will tuck away money just in case. Then I am now wiping my snot in a computer shop, took my glasses and just let the tears fall.

I always hate me being such a bundle of emotions in inappropriate times. It's hard for me to accept death, not a lot of people know that about me. Guess that cat's out of the bag. It's the biggest of changes, something everyone who reads my blog knows I hate so much but have to deal with.

There is not more see you later and catch you when you have free time after someone dies. It's more like this life is one long wait for the final till we meet again.

When I went to Erren and Liay's wedding, I felt him there. I knew he wouldn't miss it for the world.

Anyway, my life seems so simple and useless compared to his life. Still watching Kpop bands makes me happy, even just for a little while.

I hope I can get tickets. VIPs are a crazy bunch. It might be sold out by now. Simon, bite your tongue!


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  1. Such a sad story , things are not temporary on this earth we need to accept that fact but instead of thinking those things just be positive and enjoy life .


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