Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fangirl Mode4.0 :Rock of Ages in Manila!

I can't breathe right now. I remember that months before I had gotten the news that Rock of Ages will come to Manila. It was like hearing the Rent would come to Manila. But the best thing about is was that MIG AYESA WOULD BE IN HIS ROLE! I even got tips to book a certain seat at a certain spot to make sure that I would hyperventilate from MIG-asm. (Did that sound dirty, I apologize if it did. I am spazzing. I just found out that BIG BANG is also coming to Manila. And since I do have a better paying job there is a bigger chance of going to both things I don't care if it's just in a tiny dark corner but to be able to BE there would just be amazing!)

I would not miss this for the world. And unlike the Big Bang concert, I know the dates for the Rock of Ayesa...I mean Rock of Ages. My friend Reina would kill me if I don't watch it. I would do so in my Got Mig shirt that I got from him and his very very very nice manager who mailed me that shirt for my Birthday.  

 Btw, it's almost my birthday now too, so I feel sooooooooo happy to be looking forward to the show. I need to watch on a weekend so as to maximize the time I can daydream after. Oh, please, you do that too. Come on.

So there Philippine Dates are...

I soo need a credit card right now.

How much are the tickets. Must Google information...

Found this from Atlantic Production, an interview with Mig. I need to call them from a landline...and ask for the prices. I wonder where I could go to actually buy the tickets. I have to ask my friend where Carlos P Romulo Auditorium is. I live in Makati but for the love of God, I don't know if that is where we had the Rent Musical from last time. I lost my old phone so my old ticket provider couldn't sms me anymore. T_T I saw some prizes from sulit.com for the tickets. I am still not sure when I would watch. It has to be a weekend. And I swear to God if I get to watch an understudy and not Mig I would cry like a river of bloody angry fierce tears.

I need to watch on a Saturday but not a 2pm one. Too early for some of my friends, or is it? Hmmm...I think it was made for people who are on the night shift. Teehee. I want to waaaatch...the rehearsal!!! Seriously, I miss being part of a production. Who do I have to call to be able to hand people props for this show. I would love to be a bright eyed college girl on my OJT in this production. That would be awesome beyond words. 

Prize research :

Found this in sulit.com.ph
I would need 2k for orchesta, 700 for balcony and 1500 for the loge. And the good news is I know where this place is! Yey! this is where I watched Rent before. *hits forehead with hand* duh. Yey! I can walk there.

Wouldn't it be cool if I could walk to see Mig having coffee at Sbux. Too bad my friend no longer works in this building. That would be a cool fangirl elevator moment!~

I'd settle for watching the musical with him in it. I hope he feels better when he comes over. Rest well, M! We can't wait to hear you sing again!


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