Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free Pizza on my Birthday!

Okay, I can't like all the Happy birthday to me's here. So I am going to do it like this.

To my family, you are my rock.
To my parents, you are the protagonist in the best love story ever told.
To my soulmate sistahs and bros, you are the bling I would never do without.
To my friends and the people who have been a part of my life, my heart remembers you even if your names leak out of my head most of the time.
To my former students, I hope that you continue to practice what I taught you and remember your Samantha or Natasha,
To my former officemates, you guys made earning money a lot of fun.
To my former bosses, thanks for trusting me.
To my TOP family, I love you guys kahit makulit kayo!
To my readers, sorry di ako nakakapagsulat lately. 
To my frenimies, how's life in general?
To all the fabulous bloggers I met, read and admire, keep on writing!~
To my former beloveds, thank you for the lessons in what I want and what I need.
To my future partner in crime, father of my saplings and horder of my love, *waves* stay safe and get here when you can. I am not in a hurry, I am busy being awesome.

To one and all who made my 27th years an adventure, I pray we all share a laugh or two again in the future. Or maybe later.

Thanks to Shakey's for my free pizza!~Next year ulet!

my sister made this for me ehehe kyopta


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