Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogging Confidential

No more company happenings ranting for me. I don't think I can talk about specific things that tick me off at work now. I hope there would be less things. So this blog would be a little bit more about tips or my personal stuff not work stuff.

Anyway, my first day at my new company was cool. I met K who was the girl I met during my job offer night. ^.^ Then there was J, she's a former RN in a nearby hospital. We are all in the same account type so that's nice. They both don't smoke, so that would help in my smoke less ideal. Yeah right, that'll work.

I saw Wymer there, he's in another account. That was sad and nice at the same time. I want to start over in my new job and I want to try to make sure my reputation doesn't precede me.

I learned a lot of things and it was really information overload for me. But I will just try to strike a balance between blogging about my life without leaking out anything.

I think I would just use scenarios at my lit blog to talk about bad things. So it wouldn't be me directly. But I wonder if that would be enough. Blogging has always been my release, without it I wonder what I would do.

Anyway, I need more internet access...gotta go eat dinner now.

Day 1 : Project Adult Job : Success!


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  1. congrats on getting the adult job that you wished for. good luck with the no smoking thing and the no blogging about your company thing. XD


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