Saturday, January 28, 2012

NO More SCIENCE for Grade 1?!?

Wait, relax...breathe. Read this first in its entirety before you parentals flip out.

DepEd drops 'Science' for pupils

This is just one of the many birthing pains of the new 12 grade system that they would be implementing soon. It's alarming especially to parents who are used to the old system and who love to overexpose their kids to new information.

There are two sides of the coin here. Let's check both from my point of view, shall we. If you don't want to play this game feel free to read another person's blog. Thanks. 

On the tail side, it is alarming if you don't understand how the whole curriculum from k1 to grade 12 would be revamped. Let's leave it to the experts, shall we. But feel free to educate yourself about it. There are existing patterns all over the world. Let us just pray that they did a good job with the one that is going to be used in our country. Honestly, my sister is going to get affected so I worry about her and her peers. She said that waiting for sixth grade to be over is already boring the hell out of her but the idea of 12th grade is just truly haunting.

On the heads side, this just might give a better chance for children to learn more. This can also open a can of maggots to compliment the can of worms that the educational system might already be at a less private level. Schools across the country that are lacking in teachers, rooms and materials are going to suffer more, we know this.

But back on the topic. Science is a great subject, I am a geeky kid growing up and was a SciMath member when I was in grade school. Studying Science at such a young age complemented my insatiable curiosity. It would totally suck if that open mind would not be shaped to accept the basic stuff that makes the world go round. 

Seriously, nothing is more fun to a little girl that knowing how a butterfly came to be. 


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