Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12 Bests in 2012 : January 2012 : Birthday in the City

Fab Decors and food (no pics too busy eating)

2012 needs to open up with a parteh! And what better one than the Birthday in the City that Don (Ysac's Bo) threw at Astoria!

Dynamic Beau : They did the decor and food with friends
Ji: I want those tacklings!!!

Fab Giveaway!
A Samantha in the middle of Charlottes
We are missing a Reina! Ergo Mah necklace
Fab Friends!
Our college dance partners have new partners. And Trina and moi are single? Pattern much. But too happy for them to mind. ^.^

We played taboo till the sun came out. My neck hurt from laughing at Don's buddies antics.^.^ I thought I would feel left out but darn, great company and great food made it a fantabolous day!

Made Ysac palpitate when I offered to share college stories. Teehee. Oh those are "in case you run for office stories" hohoho. Peace! Frankly, I don't remember much.

I got Don a big card where peeps got to imprint their greetings. Sometimes old school can also be awesome.

Happy Birthday Don!~ <3

*I have some pics on my phone but I won't have them online anytime soon. to follow na lang*

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