Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Still Team Jacob : Tayler Lautner is Coming Out?

I have to say when I saw the picture online I was like "What is wrong with these people?"

Despite my aversion for Twilight, if push comes to shove, I am team Jacob. I know some friends who are fanatical about the guy who plays the onscreen version, Taylor Lautner.

But amidst a lot of rumors especially the Piolo Pascual one in the Philippines, people making a joke about a person's coming-out is just uncalled for.

I mean seriously. If he is gay, isn't making a joke about it a little bit...insensitive. And if he isn't, I guess his silence is a good tactic.

It reeks of "Me, gay? Seriously. Have you met my abs?"
I certainly hope to. ^.^


  1. I didn't know he was the one that was being referred to in the blind item that I read last time. I was thinking it must be either Jason, Emmett or even Edward himself but honestly you have a point. A star's coming out shouldn't be something to make fun of. Although I did have a laugh about it when it came to Piolo but only because he had been with so many leading ladies and have had a relationship with KC Concepcion. When the ladies spoke of him, alam mo na eh. Lalo pa nung gumatong pa tong si Carmina ng I've been there comment. Of course, nakakatawa talaga. Pero if one is gay, is famous and wants to come out, go lang. I think hindi lang naman tanggap yan sa una pero in the end, you will still be able to do what you want.

  2. I have always known Piolo is gay. I had a crush on him didn't I. Kidding...but news of him being gay was never the kind that was shouted at the top of the lungs of people or said derogatorily. It was said in hushed whispers and always bore details that were a bit too real to ignore. So I had a feeling he went both ways since he said he has a kid. But who are we to judge. ^.^ Still, I stand by what my teacher said, if a man says he's not gay even if the whole world says he's gay then he is not gay. But eventually, they come out of the closet or get kicked out.

  3. now, this is a revelation,is this really for real? and if it is, we should just respect it, right :)


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