Thursday, December 8, 2011

Big Bang kerfagging moment

In the words of my student, "No mind me." I am just happy that my favorite idol group shared the stage once again and they seem to not have faded in terms of energy and talent.

They were with their YG family for this year's 15th year anniversary concert for YG

T.O.P. Even got to improve his dancing skills. ^>^ 

They were back to there antics. bias and the panda

I plan to check the Main YG site once I get enough time. I want to spazz and feel the warmth in my heart, something that only a true V.I.P. knows and I suppose ELFs have perfected.

In the middle of the concert, resident rapper T.O.P expressed, “It’s incredible to have all five members of Big Bang united on one stage. I’m happy to be here to celebrate YG Entertainment’s fifteenth anniversary. This has been a busy year for YG Entertainment, but you have all stayed with and supported us and we thank you.

Daesung opened up, saying, “It’s been a while since I’ve performed on the stage. I’m just grateful to be here. The difficulties I experienced gave me a chance to realize how important music and the stage are to me. I will always be grateful to be on stage.

I’m sorry for creating so much trouble due to my mistake,” G-Dragon apologized. “I’ll be careful to not have this repeat again. I think I can only express my appreciation by giving better music and performances. I’ll do my best to give my fans a big present.
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Despite all the things that happened to our boys men, we will always love them for who they are, flaws, scandals and all.

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