Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting Shit done - Have to learn this

Some parts apply to me. The other one (mac related) I won't need. ^.^ But I like it. ^.^

I hope I can be more organized by next year. And clear up the clutter in my room and in my gadgets.

Do you have any tips for me? If yes, leave the url or the tip in the comments part.

*please no blah comments, TIPs! I need tips!!!* Like the ones I can see in I heart organizing

If you have tips on time management too, feel free to post the entry url so I can include it here.

Tips by other bloggers

1. I heart Organizing


  1. I love the presentation, very informative.. Loved how it is made..I did check IHeart, kinda interesting there also :D


  2. I suck at organizing but I'm good working under pressure. :)

    c5 @

  3. If you want tips, then try using microsoft onenote to organize all your notes. It's really convenient rather than having individual word files.

    Also, a dropbox account helps :D

    I use a planner, I have one given to me for this school year by the school for student-athletes. Make use of planners as well, They honestly really help :D

    Clutter? Well, let's just say it's always going to be there. Learn to let go of things you don't need. We have eBay for that and in the case of the Philippines, and ayosdito :D

  4. My New Year's Resolution for 2012: Be more organized Time Management-wise.

  5. I can totally relate and I could sometimes be one of both procrastinator.... :D Have fun but get things done!

    The key is to set priorities and stay away from your gadgets :D (it's something I need to do too. lol)

  6. I think the best way to get things done is to "get things done". Simple as that. And know your priorities. If u have deadlines, then you should meet the DEADLINES. Stop twitter-ing and facebook-ing. If your work (to be done) doesn't require internet connection then turn off of your router.

  7. Here is one from The Creativity Window:

  8. I like the last part of slide - "We work to live and not the other way around."

    In our society today, it seems everyone is working their asses of just to buy things that they want and for some time we start to fall apart and feel burned out on our jobs.

    It is better to keep things simple so we can do better and think clearer.

  9. Thanks for all the tips and feedback you guys!

    I decided not to have an anyone comment option because I don't want to have trolls all over my blog. Na-hack kasi ang blog ko dati nung nanalo ako sa PEBA 2010 eh. So just trying to make sure I don't get trolls or hackers this time. ^.^

    At para lahat ng mga taong magkocomment dito me identity. ^.^


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