Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saint and Sinner : Which one are you?

Notice I made too many typos. I was really pissed when I wrote that and very very sleepy.

For me religion is a preference. 
I was born in a Catholic family. I studied in a Catholic school until I was sixteen.
I was indoctrinated in all things Roman Catholic. 
I take the best of it and other faith group's ideas and realized that God doesn't care what church I go to. My faith is all I need. And God would not judge me if I don't read a book that someone put together as a manual. 
A Saint's Prayer is my way of bashing. At least I am not calling anyone a Pagan. -.- It's my take on what Pedro Calungsod would say to the comments and the people behind them in light of recent events in the country.

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