Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AJ Mclean Hitched : My original boyband bias

Before Rain, Hyun Bin, Big Bang, Yongbae, Super Junior and F4. Before I was a kpop girl or an otaku, I was a solid BSB fan.

If you don't know what BSB stands for, read your boyband history again, please.

He was the only guy I liked whose facial hair didn't repulse me

It's Backstreet Boys. If you wince at the name, you are probably an N'SYNC or Boyzone fan. Again, if you don't know who they are, you have to read your boybang history, girl.

I have always liked the rapper in the group. This probably why I like T.O.P. of Big Bang.

The origin of this obsession was Alexander James Mclean.

That's A.J. Mclean to you.

My original bad boyband member crush

He got married. He's in his early thirties so it's understandable. But imagine just how angry kpop fans would be if their bias got married. Me, I just understand it to be a part of his normal life.

Leeteuk did propose to Sora (as most of you ELFs would painfully remember) but in real life, real singers do this with their real girlfriends.

And they do get married eventually. What would happen to your obsession or love when Sungmin gets married or Rain eventually reveals his future bride?

Would you love them any less? Me, no. Because I would always have the memories of the music. And I will always have fanfiction. ^.^

Goth Wedding!!!
And if I was going to loose my bias to anyone, it would have to be with a free-spirited hottie like her.

Of course other members of the band are also married. I don't know if Nick is but I think the rest are already married. But I am looking forward to how rad and out of the box AJ and Ro's kids would be. Who knows the BSB kids could form a group...right? Nah.

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  1. Aw, finally! This article set my heart into a festive mode. AJ is my ultimate favorite BSB as well. I cried for days when he went into rehab--o.a. lang, hihihi. I believe his voice is what gives BSB the distinction that sets them apart from the rest. I super love his girlfriend as well, and I think they're total soul mates (she's like a female AJ!)

    Now, Nick should really get married, too, so their kids can start forming BSB Junior soon, lol! Have you heard Brian's Baylee sing? He's an angel! ♥


    --madpocky =(^-^)=


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