Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 : Big Bang Highs and Lows

No, I am not going to spazz out about Big Bang again. So read on.

You know how bloggers do a highlight reel of their year, I am not of sound mind to do that right now. Five days before 2012, my future is unsure. It's even more unsure than if was last year when E-lamp Ortigas closed up.

I am just going to try to wing this and try to remember as much as I can.

January - I attended two weddings. I almost caught the bouquet in one and I got gartered (yet again).

February - A lot of love (or at least I believed so at that time) was swirling around during this time. Watched Elbipie 14 and met Ico who I thought was Paulo at that time.

March - Diana "Haller" passed away. T_T

April - Nothing much happened here too. Summer was a bit of a dud since my grandfather couldn't go out with us. Wrote support blog for PEBA 2011.

May - Mom's birthday. My birthday. Missed going home for the month-end festival.

June - Eiga Sai. Reina's Secret Homecoming project. Went to Anawagin with JI Reina and Fried

July - End of an Era for Harry Potter

August - Grandfather passed away.

September - Dad's birthday/ Oppa Bear and Angel's Wedding(? - I wonder why I didn't remember)

October - Broke up with Ico. Given Grace in UPLB. 2LT JD Khe died in Mindanao

November -Nanorimo (failed) & Cinema One

December - PEBA 2011 (Nokia 2nd place). Sendong. Leave Spicus.

This year was fun, full of adventures and high tides as well as low tides. I learned a lot about settling for less and caution.

I just hope that I get the call I am waiting for from JPM&C so I can start the year right. I need to remember not to go out without a jacket lest I catch something.

I am clearing out my locker tomorrow and hopefully getting all the data that I have in my computer tomorrow. There are a lot of things I would leave behind. But I guess that things would look up next year. I got a call from someone from Ayala about a writing gig in one of their companies (no specific information about it). But I don't know if I can handle working in QC since I live in Makati.

I am taking my mom's electric burner by next year. I was 2k to my person, God knows what I can get from my backpay. I am yet to get my CoE and my ITR. I was under the weather for a couple of days.

I just hope that things would look up next year. I have a lot lined up and my 365 things list is not year complete. There are a few things I want to put in it. So I should revisit it.

How about you? If 2012 is the last year in the Mayan calendar and it is indeed the end of the world, what would you do to make it worthwhile?


  1. @angel : I can't remember all the things that happened in which months. This is like a rough draft. ^.^

  2. Hahaha! That's okay! Naalala mo rin naman in the end... =D


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