Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Concerned Artists of the Philippines in Quaipo

Once an Elbizen, always an Elbizen. When people find out that I am from UPLB, one of the stuff they ask me about is if I was an activist. If they don't ask, I can read it off their body language or comments.

Some people never outgrow the need to fight for what they believe is right. I have been there, okay, just once for the Tuition Free Increase rally in Mendiola. I was paired up with this exchange student from Australia. I pitied that she didn't understand what was going on. For the life of me, I don't know if she was aware she put herself in a dangerous situation. I was fighting for the chance to pay the same amount of school fees. My parents had three college students that time. So I needed to try. Though my mom threatened to make me go home and throw me at University of Batangas instead of UPLB if she ever finds out that I was in a rally. She is in the newspaper and magazine selling business, if I get caught on cam or video, she was bound to find out. So I ducked from the camera and ended up next to a friend from my elementary school days. He was dating a tibak (activist) and was in the same situation at me. So we hid behind the banner whenever the camera panned near us.

I have heard songs, translated speeches but I never saw a paintings in one of those rallies. People tried planking but that seems just odd for me.

I liked this rally better. I even got to see an old BACA '02 batchmate.


  1. Naku naman, laman ka rin pala ng Mendiola dati :) Naranasan mo na rin bang ma water cannon?

    O nga pala, di ba naging totoo ang forecast ko award-winning na naman yung Nokia entry mo, i'm curious about the prize ano ang nakuha mo, baka samsung galaxy? Anyway, congrats my dear ang galing mo talaga idol!

    Merry Christmas and a bright 2012 ahead!

  2. The cellphones were for the raffle. The first placer got a trophy. ^.^ Next year ulet goal ko un. ^>^


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