Monday, December 5, 2011

Friends and Gratitude

What are you most thankful of?

I am most thankful of my friends. I realized that single or not, I should make sure to make time for them because I tend to neglect them when I am dating someone. I think that is the reason why I can't sustain a relationship for more than one year is that I spoil my boyfriend and I get sick of them easily. So I have to try to make more time for my friends even when I have a boyfriend. For my sanity and world peace.

I am thankful of my friends because they understand that I am actually really a big coward. They see right through all of my excuses and know what I am best at and push me to be more than what I am right now. They know I am very lazy and they don't let me. Most of the time, other times they join me.

I have different sets of friends, single ones who I can lunch with on a whim or go on vacations even when I am scared of boats, ships, planes and is a really frantic traveler.  I have married and paired up friends who remind me of SATC more than anything else. We have a Char, Samantha (I like to think it's me since two of them are married and one is paired up ergo me is default single lady slash sexytime guru - one of my friend's husband once said she should have stayed longer for the sexytime guru portion of the ladies' day out), Miranda and Carrie. ^.^ We don't have as much drama as those seasons had, but we are each other's eternal "roommates". One of them is leaving for Japan.

Me :(Cue ninya aegyo voice) "Why are you all leaving me?
Friends : (laugh)
Me: I want a green kimono.
Japan-bound friend: Kimono? (she send a telepathic signal saying : Ang mahal nun ha!)
Me: No, like that kimono-looking blouse thingy. Nauso un sa Pinas dati, wala na ngayon ang natira un mga ew colors.
Japan-bound friend : Ah...(but still non-comm ital hohoho)
Me: I don't want to wish for a Japanese guy. If I wanted to keep dating a guy with a small *deleting the rest of this part to lessen my sins to the Lord Almighty. Santa might not grant me my wife to get an awesome job for next year*
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