Wednesday, December 14, 2011

13th Month Pay Blues

While people are worrying what to buy with their 13th month pay little old me is worrying as to how to stretch mine.

You see my last day at work is December 29. No I am not going to go around asia like the sole sisters though if my father wins the lottery any time soon I would definitely get my inheritance now and travel with it. ^.^

I have debts to pay and I can't keep doing what I do without a med card or enough compensation. Also at the rate things are going, there is no chance to go up from here. I can be a tenured teacher but not get any increase or raise. When I got into the company things are not looking good for the economy that supports our company so budget cuts have to be made.

I love what I do. Talking to different kinds of people who are relying on me to teach them how to talk is my dream job. Dream day job that is. And I can blog during my free time. It's perfect. I don't have to pay for my internet. *still hoping to get a decent connection. Having a plug-in does not qualify under decent OR connected.*

I have decided to just buy kikay notebooks from this store in Megamall that sells cute recycled paper stuff.

I am sure they won't like it as much as the other gifts that I have given them in the past. But I can always make it up to them especially my sister who got comic books last year (about a samurai girl who is Christian). 

I planned to make diaries for them but I don't know if I would still have time to do that. But I will try. But if push comes to shove, then Papemelroti it is. 

Now for the boys...I think tiny planners would be okay. ^.^ And I can get the oldies cutesy calendars.

Next year I want to give them family calendars. ^.^ But it's kinda expensive so...oh well. 

Our year-end party is this Saturday and I haven't bought my monita the book she wants. But I lost the paper so it's a good thing we have the wishlist on the office bulletin board. ^.^
I am really going to go shopping sooner for gifts next year. I can do that every time I buy trinkets for the 12 Boxes of T.O.P. 

Oh well. This all boils down to me getting a job that I want. I asked Manang Mina to wish that I would get the kind of job that I want (pays well, great benefits) and Ate Marie to wish that once I get in that I would actually last long in it. I have tons to do and debts to clear out. I am sure God would give me a chance to make my mother happy. And help me become truly independent. I want to be able to afford going home to see them more often. Whenever my future days off may be.

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