Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My AGAHAN next door

Agahan (Filipino) noun.

Filipino word for breakfast. First meal of the day.
Synonyms: almusal

My friend Trina and I live near the Sacred Heart Church. The advantages of living so near a church is that stores tend to pop up around it. I love Japanese food and I live in Kamagong corner Sacred Heart. There is a New Hatchin to feed my Japanese food craving during the weekend.

I love brownies and there is a Purple Oven in front of Sacred Heart.

Now there is a new complex there, an old Korean KTV place that was redone to be a business building.

I love breakfast and want bacon and tocino ALL DAY LONG.

Now I can.

It looks like a happy face right?
Bacon Breakfast Set

Trina had the Corned beef thingy. But the thing about this was she has an appetite for a kid. So I ended up eating rice anyway. T_T

The MYAGAHAN site is still under construction. But I am sure that you can check things out at their MYagahan FB page.

If you want to peak at their menu lookie here.

The food comes in less than ten minutes. At least it was so in my case. And though it seems a little pricey, it's so worth it man!

Bacon...and pancakes!!!

Anyway, lookie down here for the other pictures. Ignore me, I had my bacon breakfast set in front of me for like thirty minutes before Trina arrived. That is SHEER torture!

Price : A little high
Worth (compared to price) : Worth it!
Staff: AWESOME. Extremely friendly
Ambiance: Perfect (see pictures)
Cleanliness : Excellent (when I was there)
Distance: A little out of the way for most people (but I live next door to it so ehehe)


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