Thursday, December 1, 2011

Isko ang Anak ko, ikaw?

I have realized something recently.

My mom and dad can win the "Where did your kid study?" contest easily.

They have me, underachiever and soon to be unemployed me, who finished CommArts in UPLB. Then there is my brother GM, who got in as an ECE then transferred to Library Science (he just passed the licensure exam this year) and there Alvin who is a Marine biologist who works for UPLB and LaSalle (it's complicated but basically the brains are in UPLB and the moolah is from LaSalle. No offense but that is just how it really is, isn't it?)

My mom and dad had been visiting my father's side often. And people have been asking about us. I can feel my mom's insides giggle whenever people do that and ask where we are and where we finished college.

A book keeper for a magazine store and an honest engineer were able to get their kids through private school and UP. Thrice. One even went to Pisay (that would be GM) so on paper, my brothers and I kick ass.

But according to Alvin, God gave the other cousins the good looks and the inheritance factor.

And I am like...unfaiiiiiir. Kidding.

I am just happy my mom is happy that my brother is now really out of the academe. Now, if only they didn't have another kid who is ten, then they could retire, travel and tambling all over the place. And did I mention my two nephews are under their wing too?

Seriously mom...seriously.

But mom and dad are two of a kind. And they make an excellent team. I just wish that by next year I'd have a better paying job and I can actually pay back my debts to them.

Because in my life, I have a simple dream. To be able to give back all the effort and love that they gave me when I was studying. To be able to be a first born with a sense of responsibility.

But at 26 I am yet to be one. Time to be an adult and make my parents prouder, right?



  1. it's ok, your time to shine will eventually come and you'll be able to pay back mum & dad in no time.

  2. Thanks. ^.^ I plan to do that next year. No more excuses. Just need to get a better paying job. ^.^ The one I resigned from is really not giving me enough to do that and cover my personal expenses since I live alone and all that.


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