Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Less is More

Less friends more happy thoughts. That is what I think of these days. There are just people who are insignificant to you. I am not saying that they are not important in the universe as a whole but in meniverse, they are not planets revolving around the solar system where I reign and roam but distant galaxies. I look at them in awe from time to time but they don't particularly mean that much to me.

I am one of those people who need an acquired taste. People tend to hate me or find me too much of a klutz, too noisy or nosey or too full of myself to be someone they would like.

I call my close friends as my soul mates. So far there are limited slots. I fear that I have to reserve the main slot for someone who will fit well with my other soul mates. So far the other main soul mate candidates took the remaining slots for soul mates. 

So like clutter, I think I have to weed out the friendships I have. Because I believe that we are the friends that we choose to have in our first lives. The rest can live on the internet or float around in the meniverse.

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