Friday, December 23, 2011

Royally S'd I am

That is how I feel. It's my fault too. Dreams of working for dream company might be shattered today once I tell them in person that ex ex company took all my original CoE and documents and never returned it. There is no chance to get any of them since it was my complacency (okay, my idiocy) that lead to this.

I will just smile. Do my best on my second interview and wait for the ax to fall.

Then hope to God I get into another company if they shoot me down midflight.

It was my mistake. So I should suffer for it.

But I hope God throws me a bone. I am doing this for my family and to be a good daughter. I hope He helps me out this time around. I promise to do my best and jog away my whinning.

*fingers crossed* *happy thoughts*

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