Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Visual DNA

Visual DNA Test


You're a Harmonizer. Loyal and honest, you're generous with your time and know how to support your friends. You value one-on-one time with your inner circle and have a few close friends who you can truly rely on. Reliable and trustworthy, you seek harmony and balance in your life. You forge strong, long-lasting friendships, and your friends value your honesty and frank opinions. You tend to value routine and security. Life may feel a bit boring at the moment. It would be good to find the confidence to make a shift and alter your life routine. When it comes to improving things in your life, why would you say no to extra cash? It would be great to treat the family whenever you feel like it. The trick is to be disciplined about budgeting. If you stay on top of your finances, you'll feel a lot more secure and probably save a bit too. Have you ever written a list of your positive features or asked your friends to do the same? It's a great exercise, and it might just surprise you. As a Harmonizer, it's important to learn to trust your intuition and to know that everything will work out for the best. Learn to say yes to new experiences from time to time. Your confidence and self-belief will continue to grow. Sometimes a challenge or a change of scene could be just what you need. Remember you are not alone. It's important to allow yourself to share the journey of life with those who love you. Stay open to your nearest and dearest and make sure you grab quality family time whenever you can, as it's a great source of strength and inspiration for you.


Finding the right partner is just the beginning. It will enable you to live up to your full potential. With your soul mate at your side, you'll feel ready to let your hair down once and for all. You're a deeply passionate person and will go to extreme lengths for love. You're naturally open and find it easy to make connections. It's all about intuition and chemistry and being swept off your feet. Love means opening yourself up to intense experiences that you'll remember for the rest of your life. You are expressive and sensual and, so making a strong physical connection is important to you. It feels really good to lose yourself in the moment. There's nothing like being in love to put a smile on your face, butterflies in your stomach and a spring in your step.

Relationship tips:

So you're Passionate but what tips can we give for when you're looking for love?
  1. Take it easy. Allowing your new relationship to develop gradually would be a really healthy approach for you. Slow and steady wins the race in this case.
  2. Make friends. Connecting on a physical level is really important to you. But set strong foundations by getting to know each other first.
  3. Slow and steady wins the race. Take things at a sensible pace so you'll keep your feet on the ground and stay realistic about what will work in your everyday life.
  4. You are naturally warm and trusting. Just make sure to follow your instincts and listen to your head as well as your heart before diving in too deep.

You're a techie, and you love to have the latest gadgets. If you get some money to spend, chances are it will go on something shiny! When it comes to success, you're balanced and focused. Your glass tends to be half-full, and you're always happy to have it topped off! You see life as a marathon rather than a sprint and tend to think in terms of long-term goals. You put lots of effort into everything you do and get a great sense of fulfillment from the results. You're dedicated and committed, but don't forget to let your hair down every now and again. A little treat is just what you deserve!


Mornings aren't your favorite time of day. They can be very hectic, and it probably feels like you're always running late. Overall, however, there's no question that you're on the right track with your health. You believe in a balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle. It's all about moderation. You enjoy exercise and eating healthily, but you're not going to let it take over and run your life. You manage to fit physical activity around your everyday activities, and your happy-go-lucky attitude means you won't stress about it too much. You know that a couple of missed gym sessions won't make a huge difference to how you feel overall. It's definitely not worth worrying about, that's for sure.


If you took some time out to visualize your dream life, you could probably see yourself away from the rat race, chilling out on a beach. Nothing puts a smile on your face like waking up to sun, sea and sand without a care in the world. Fresh fruit, seafood and not a cloud in the sky...sounds like paradise!


For you, there's nothing like getting immersed in the magic of the theater and a great show. It's all about the ambience and the experience of the show. It's a great night out - the ultimate in escapism and culture.


You're so laid-back, you're almost horizontal! You like to take life as it comes and enjoy all it has to offer. Your practical style reflects your down-to-earth, relaxed attitude. Why stress out over finding heels to match your dress when you could be out having fun in the sun and living life to the fullest? In fact, sun-kissed skin and surf-tousled hair are the perfect accessories for your look. Just make sure you don't forget the SPF!


You're open-minded and a positive thinker, so when you get the chance to go traveling, you love to head somewhere exotic and off the beaten track. For you, escapism is the ultimate in relaxation. It's the perfect antidote to the stress of everyday life. You love the feel of the sun and sea on your skin, so your perfect vacation would definitely include a beach. Even better if it's secluded and undiscovered by hordes of tourists!

Some hit the mark but others are not...even close. 

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