Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santiago as judge to Int'l Criminal Court

It's great news for us. It's excellent news for her.

But I fear that she will now leave a void in the Senate that no one in pumps can replace. I am sorry to say this, but for many years, the Senate has yet to churn out another Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

She has her moments. She's had her scandals and issues. And her laugh is legendary amongst those who try to copy her on stage. But her rep sheet is something that can not be ignored.

True enough she is going ahead and representing the country in a higher court. But who would pick up the slack? No offense to the other great senators, there is but a handful of you by the way. And I am in no way talking about those whose previous job is to smile for the camera.

Who would come up with bills that are focused on making the lives of women, the common man and education better?

I am sorry but I don't know of anyone who can.

Still congratulations, Senator Miriam, I am sure you would do us proud.

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