Monday, December 12, 2011

Fresh From PEBA : A Late Post

Feeling like Cinderella, barely getting back home to my *looks around* cluttered room I check the time and saw that it was 12:11. The first thing I do is text my mom that I am back in Makati safe and sound. Remember my mom, the superwoman who inspired the My Mom's Quasi-Orphanage? Well, I plan to give her one of the PEBA shirts that I got from winning 2nd for the Nokia Essay Writing Contest. Darn. I knew that I wouldn't win. I thought there would just be one person who would win it like last year. I got Nokia Best Blog. Lightning can't strike at the same spot twice. In my case, it struck but a little farther than I expected.

I brought my friend Trina to the event and she kinda dozzed off at some parts. She's tired and kinda sick but true friend that she was, she was with me. We were planning to put make-up on me etc. But we got there late since we were supposed to go to Diliman first before going to the event. But I was too ELBIfied (that's for another blog) that I had to miss work yesterday (December 9, 2011) and encure the wrath of my managers and students on Monday. I did tell them I wouldn't miss work today. But well, apparently my body agreed. I woke up at around one or two in the afternoon. If it wasn't for Trina wanting to go to Diliman to buy a UP jacket, I would have never gotten up at three to take a bath.

I made a warerobe booboo again. Last year, I was underdressed. Now I am overdressed. Not so little black dress but one of my emergency “I need to look like a girl today” outfits, flesh pantyhose (yes I know I should have worn black ones but all of them are in the hamper – I really need to get my laundry done), the black long bolero Trina lent me, the REINA bedazzled pepper necklace (I forgot to wear my brown scapular but since I consider Reina as a lucky person – she has this uncanny ability to get chosen for raffles etc – now it was too soon Trina and I got our numbers called in but not for the Nokia phones and LED TV – iyak)

This is why when people tell me to start a fashion blog I am like *gapes at the person who said it * and say “Nah.” but what I really wanted to say was “My fashion sense is a hodge podge of my friends from college playing the “Let's dress up and put make up on Ninya” game. Hell to the N-O. I can not, will not, may not start a fashion blog.”

Thank God my mother let me borrow the camera that they bought for the family, I was able to video, take pictures of bloggers (that moment I could say walang kakulangan ng cute na bloggers sa Pilipinas – yihii me crush akong blogger di ko sasabihin kung sino, nakakahiya! I'll just follow all the bloggers para hindi halata kung sino ang crush ko eheheh. Chos.)

Anyway, if you notice I skipping the whole dish, step by step, blow by blow of what happened yesterday. I am planning to write about it in bits not in one bongacious blog. ^.^

So I will list down the stuff that I would blog about, antabayanan nyo na lang.

  1. about me being one of the three winners for Nokia's essay writing contest (2nd place nakalagay sa paper bag ko so un malamang, confirm ko pa natulala kasi ako nung tinawag ang pangalan ng blog ko. Tapos me sabihan pa ng totoong pangalan. GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!~)
  2. About JIM PAREDES's participation and speech. ^.^ (Dahil nanalo ako dalawang beses ko siyang nakamayan. Tapos sinabi niya ewan ko kung sa akin pero umoo naman ako “Pa-tag na lang ha” STARSTRUCK ako grabe not just because he is JIM PAREDES pero this guy is a blogger too. So it was starstruck2.0 for me. I need to upload the video (wonder where I can do that)
  3. The things I won and what I will do with them. (No trophies for me this year – sayang cute pa naman butterfly!!! But I got one perfume for men, two large shirts (akin ung isa pag kasya) and a small one (the shirts and perfume solve my problem as to what to get my parents and my sister actually) Trina took the cool waters one for her brother daw. Too bad it wasn't a ladies perfume ^.^
  4. My plans for next PEBA (adik na ako, oo ako na ang adik) I was thinking if they still had literature as a category I would sign up my writing blog. ^.^ Pero that all depends if I can still join. I would try to encourage my writer friends to write the LDR series a.k.a. Long Distance Romance series where the e-book or free to read for everyone and the theme would be that it would be set in another country or have an OFW as a character. I am thinking of finishing my My Sassy Pinay novel for this.
  5. Lito Santos' speech and what happened to my dad when he got scammed by an illegal recruiter and who that would have changed my life (if natuloy ang tatay ko dun baka hindi ako pinanganak kasi hindi magiging sila siguro ng mom ko)
  6. List of winners and pictures of that I have (might just link them to my google+ or facebook since some of the pictures are not so good.

This has been a great year for me for beginnings and endings, humbling experiences and highlights. After loosing my google adsense I got disheartened and wanted to stop blogging, actually I wanted to go on a writing hiatus next year. But I guess this is a sign from God that I can't stop doing something that I love to do. Like what my co-worker said, every time something happens to me, it's most likely going to end up in my blog. So I am thinking, Hell, why stop now? Just because I can't earn from it doesn't mean I don't get anything from it, di ba? It gives me a place where I can put my thoughts and revisit them, laugh at my typos (I have tons) and realize my grammar is awful (I am a drunk blogger too sometimes...but not anymore) and that I can contribute information, a giggle or maybe just a good story to read for people who are not here in the country or want to know about someone else's day since theirs are too much of a routine.

After the event we ate at Abe and had morcon and liempo. It was delightful, the food that is. I'll blog about that too one of these days. But nevertheless, December 9 is a rainy day of blessings. I am douched in renewed faith in what I love to do.

So despite me going to have to change jobs and probably needing to get a better plug-in for me to be able to go online and blog (there is no decent non-cable, non-phone for renters kinda net connection in Makati T_T) I will find a way to write and time too. I guess if this is the case, I would have more time to check the typos and the grammar. ^.^ But oh well...hopefully magawa ko un. Try ko na dun sa me free wifi na coffee shop na malapit sa apartment ko magnenok ng net para di masyadong haggard. ^.^

My 2012 blogging pledge

I, Pinaywriter, do solemnly swear to write more inspirational poems, short stories, essays and posts for people of all levels of happiness and misery so that they too can feel the warmth of home, wherever they may be. I will tell them of how the world can be so big but that we all think of home when we are truly elated or deeply troubled. And I will be a constant reminder that all of us here in the Philippines love and support them and will continue to do so, through our blogs, PEBA and our actions.

Ako, si Pinaywriter ay nangangakong magpapatuloy sa pagsusulat ng mga tula, nobela, kwento at blog post para sa lahat ng tao, gaano man sila kasaya o kalungkot upang sila man ay maramdaman ang init ng kanilang iniwang bayan nasaan man silang lugal. Kukumbinsihin ko silang malaki man ang mundo ay ang kanilang tahanan at minamahal pa rin ang kanilang maiisip sa mga panahong tunay silang maligay o namimighati. Ako ay magiging isang tagapagpatotoo na kaming lahat dito sa Pilipinas ay patuloy na magmamahal at susuporta sa kanila sa blog, sa PEBA at sa gawa.

Mabuhay ang mga bayani ng bagong panahon, dito sa ating bayan at saan pa man me Pilipino sa mundo. Saludo kami sa inyo!

P.S. Uuwi daw ang Tita Loida ko, ang tagal na din niyang hindi nakakabalik sa Pilipinas. ^.^ Miss na namin siya. Sa mga nasa HK na mga nanay, tatay, kapatid at kaibigan. Ingat po kayo. Sa mga pinsan ko, pamangkin, mga tito at mga tita sa Canada at Chicago, malamig jan, magbalot-balot kayo!

P.P.S. Sa mga batchmates, dating katrabaho at kaibigan kong OFW sa New Zealand, U.K., Singapore, Riyadh, Jeddah, Abu Dabi at kung saan-saan pa, tandaan ninyo 8 ½ ako at mahilig ako sa chocolates kahit na magpapayat na ako next year. Mahilig ako sa mga bagay na green at sa mga keychain na mula sa iba't ibang lugar. ^.^ Kayo na ang mga bagong batch ng OFW sana ay ma-reap ninyo ang rewards ng mas maaayos na mga palakad sa mga agency at bansang inyong kinalalagyan. Mag-ingat kayo lagi at sana ay wag ninyong kakalimutang mag-ipon at mag-pundar para sa inyong pag-uwi malibre ninyo ako at para na rin sa inyong homecoming pwede kayong magtayo ng sarili ninyong negosyo. Mag-blog na rin kayo para makasali kayo sa PEBA 2012. ^.^

P.P.P.S. Sa crush kong blogger, i-fa-follow ko na lang ang blog mo ha? K. Bye!

See more pictures here!
The quality is not that good pero I have some really nice paranoramic shots of people. And some of them came out weird. ^.^


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