Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My PEBA Journey : circa 2011

In the beginning there was The Pink Tarha Blog. Eyecandy's life was blogged I missed her so much I read her blog though I knew that most of the things that they would post would not apply to me. But still I loved each food post and the kikay tips they shared.

Then there was the excessive liking, sharing and PLEASE HELP MY FRIEND. (And this was before Facebook had that heavenly share button and facebook groups)

Then 2010. I wrote about my mother. The fun thing about is my mother doesn't have a iota of knowledge about how the internet works. But there it was, her life's work as an OFW supporter inspired me to write of how much love ONE woman can give to children of OFW relatives.

My Mother's Quasi-Orphanage got me on stage not once but twice. Sure I didn't see where I was supposed to go. Crazy, some friends LOLed because of that. But I got two PEBA plates. They are in Batangas. I fear that I would break them so I put them in my mother's hands. It was after all, her story that got those awards.

Then came 2011. I thought I can't join anymore. I mean, I won already, right? But I still wrote a blog about it. Like an update about the people in my previous blog entry.

But I tried to make a test entry. Kinda like a meme. I asked candidly if I could still join. It turns out, YOU CAN. ^.^ I didn't join my blog in general just that entry. I was told by a very compeling Anonymous comment that my blog entry had nothing to do with the theme. I snorted and thought, way to go A, what's your name again? ^.^ (notice I really hate trolls)

But I didn't plan it. Actually I had different plans for the 9th. I was going to watch ELBIPIE 15 : Rufo vs Raffles  Warla Kung Warla. My friend even got a leave already. T_T But she is going to try to get on for the 8th since I would attend the gala on the 9th. (I already paid for the tickets so whatever happens I will go to Elbi. But wait I have to reserve seats for PEBA!) Thank God it's in Trinoma. I am such a dummy when it comes to traveling in the metro that I thought I would not go this year. But I got the e-mail on the 3rd, read it on the 5th and panicked all day. I moved my Elbi date and will get Hot Mamah (my friend) to help me with my look. Even the harlem pants I had to get from someone who didn't want it (tsss) ended up becoming a blessing in disguise. So instead of being unwanted, it would now be my outfit. (Lucky!~)

So my week is packed. December is proving to be costly but memorable. ^.^ I super love it. I miss Ate Carla!!! I am sure she would come with me too. ^.^ I should bring all the Goddesses one by one. ^____________^ Asa naman. ^.^

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