Monday, December 5, 2011

Kill Me Nao Moment. PEBA or ELBIPIE?

Imagine me with my mouth open and my eyes are huge right now. I read my blog *includes important emails first* and lo and behold I got an email from PEBA 2011 that I am a finalist. I blinked. I thought. Wait a sec, wasn't that last year? Wait what's going on? And then I have to watch a play on the 9th. At 8:30 IN LAGUNA. Killmenao.

ELBIPIE 15 :  8:30 UPLB

PEBA 2011 
9th of December 2011 at exactly 6PM at the Ayala Trinoma Mall Activity Center, at EDSA Quezon City Metro Manila.

Shet. *curses in 6 other languages.

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