Friday, December 2, 2011

23 days before Christmas

I had wanted to be in a couple for the holidays. It would have been more Jpop and Kpop Christmasy.

But I guess my gift to myself is more time.
And a little bit more of the Peter Pan syndrome draining away.

I have to list down all the kiddies I have to give gifts to. (I have an age requirement. All those in college are no longer children but young adults and are no longer included)

1. Julie Anne's baby boy (inaanak) - I am thinking I want to buy him a cute blue pillow
2. Eka's baby girl (inaanak) - no dolls! Kikay stuff or art stuff
3. Dherek - *found/bought train blocks*
4. Enoch - monster truck
5. LeeAnn (sister) - ?
6. Cid - shirt or clothes
7. Chad - Camp Rock DVD
8. Neol - money
9. Anton - money
10. Gab - money
11. Kalbo (my inaanak) - money + ?
12. LN (inaanak) - art supplies
13. LA - doll with dress
14. Lelai - doll dresses
15. Ate Wena's girls - doll with dress
16. Ate Wena's girls - doll with dress
17. Erika (lee's age) - cool diary (not too girly)
18. Nicole - kikay stuff
19. Audrey - diary
20. Ate Joy's girl - doll with dress
21. Ate Dionne's Rab - ?

If you notice I am really bad at remembering people's names. T_T

But I have this feeling that I am forgetting some people...Mike's kid is still in Che's belly and I have no way of getting gifts to other kiddies...So I don't really include them...Hmmm...Who else am I forgetting?!?


1. Mom - ?
2. Dad - ?

Kids I want to give gifts to but dunno how I am going to meet them over the holidays

1. Nath's baby girl
2. Jae's baby girl
3. Gwen, Jenjen, Jaja - all in Chicago
4. All the nieces and nephews in Canada
5. Matet's kid
6. Leng's kids
7. Miss Kim's cutiepie baby

My gift to myself is that I am going to trying to stop living a life that is just "making ends meet". My fresh start is my Christmas gift to moi. I just need to work on getting the rest of things in order.

But still, could you guys/gals gimme some affordable suggestions for gifts. Most of these kids are less than six years old. Others are in their pre-teens and teens. ^.^ Links would be awesome. I am into DIY gifts too. ^.^ Check out some of the stuff I managed to post at Threads, Glitters and Glue.  I plan to add more stuff there someday...too busy now...maybe next year.For some reason the pictures are not okay. I might have to check my multiply account all my pictures on google+ or FB...

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  1. so i guess am no longer entitled for a gift too :) grabe dami mo pla blogsites, thanks pinay for visiting my site!


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