Monday, December 19, 2011

North Korean President passed at 69: Kim Jong Il

I was in the middle of a class with my student KJ when he blurted out "North Korean president is dead. Kim Jong Il is dead." I was torn between congratulating him and saying my condolences.

South Koreans are known for having heated and divided feelings regarding North Koreans Great Leader. He has been revered and had a firm control over his nation. Many of the things however are written to make him appear larger than life. 

He has appointed his third son to take his place. I wonder what this would mean for North Korea. Would the son be better than the father in terms of handling his nation or would he just follow in what the former Great leader's footsteps.

I am sure that South Korea is abuzz with change and even on the edge of their seats as to what this would mean for the Korean peninsula.

Photogallery : The Rise of Kim Jong Il

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