Monday, December 12, 2011

How was your Weekend?

I went to ELBIPIE 15. That was a Thursday.

I skipped work because I was indisposed and I didn't get to go back to Makati in time.

I woke up at one last Friday. I finally got up at three. Took a bath and went to Hot Mamah's house. We were supposed to go to Diliman to buy a jacket.
That was moved to the next day because we arrived just in time for her to get her picture taken at Kodak and we were ushered in to the Activity Center in Trinoma.

We left after nine. We ate at Abe, where we saw Fried and Mojee (I fear I spelled that wrong). People who know our friend and history would know why it's weird that we saw each other at Abe.

Then we got back at 12. I woke up at nine. I stayed in bed until it was time to get up and go to HM's house.

I realized that I would need a book or a tablet soon if I am to hang out with more women. They take super long. That wretched hair thingy is the bane of my existence. But hey, great hair doesn't happen magically. Ergo I love my short hair. Granted I need to get hot oil...

I saw Ysac and D in Y's bed. Finally met D in person. *note to self, must find SATC inspired outfit for January 7* 

We went to Diliman, she didn't find the jacket she wanted. *I think it's only available in ELBI. The cutie I took a picture of said there was a store in raymundo *I was not listening correctly* in a store call upbeats or something like that. I will ask my brother about it. He works in UPLB so it shouldn't be too hard for him to help Ysac get one. He wanted that. But there was none in Diliman Republic or Maroon Shirts in the UPD Shopping Center.
I ate pistachio ice cream, HM ate some other ice cream. *She didn't eat the apa anymore since it smelled funny.*

We took pictures of her in the new UP jacket she bought. *1,400 OUCH* We ate at a cafe at Bahay ng Alumni. I didn't finish my lomi.

We left UPD and went to SM to buy her new mattress. HM realized that buying a bed is almost as hard as finding the best one to sleep in it. ^.^ Some are the right size but hurts and are too hard. Others are the right amount of firmness but too big to fit. Yah, I am aware of the double entendre.

Then we waited for her aunt, mom and cousins because we were going to the Ayala Triangle. I had all but given up. Thank heavens I took my USANA essentials. Otherwise I would have crawled back to my bed and passed out.
The lights were worth it. If you have a kid, bring them to the Ayala triangle from 6 to around 9 and watch it. They would love it. Believe me, I am 26 and I still love fireworks and Christmas lights shows. 

We ate at Bfast. Will come back for their salmon belly tocino. Had chicken tocino. *Happy* And it's 128. Compared to the 150 breakfast at agahan...though that was bacon, I think Bfast would be a must visit for me. All day breakfasts...will not help me loose weight AT ALL!

The next day I had to go to MOA for the TOP EB. It was memorable. As usual out of the 40 people who said they were going less than ten arrived. Aigoo. I got my Severin Almonte Loves Me T-shirt. Yesha Lee got me as her monita so I will get a bigger sized I <3 TOP shirt. ^.^ That can wait. I got another Ka-Chapters ka Ba? T-shirt and baller. ^.^ Foo gave me kitty earrings. I wore them for as long as I could but I can't for long so I put it in my memory wall instead.

I uploaded the pictures for the EB and I will resize the ones I have for Elbipie 15 and PEBA 2011. But since I know that using my laptop at the shop is better than using the smelly computers there, I will opt to use that again next time. Faster and I know where the hands that used those keys came from.

I think the universe if making me suffer for my laid-back days.
I have a package coming in on Tuesday. So many projects for next year to work with. And novels to edit. Novels to write.

Yeah you heard me. I am not thinking about going on a hiatus anymore.

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