Friday, January 20, 2012

Congratulations UPCAT passers!

To all UPCAT passers and those who would go on to study in UP, welcome dongsengs! I hope that you would enjoy the Yupi life! Remember

"Party Hard, Study Harder!" 

and that

"Quality education takes time." 


"It's best to have a TRES in exams than to have a INC in life."

Kung hindi mo pa alam if nakapasa ka o hindi aba, check mo na anukabanaman?

Share your experiences here!!!

Anong reaction mo nung pumasa ka sa UP?



I went out of our house, pumped my arms in the air and scream "Nakapasa ako sa UP!!!" (I passed UP!!!) I didn't care what campus it was, I just knew that I was going to the National University and no one could rain on my parade. I was later told I would go to UP Los Banos. That was sad since my friends would be in Manila. But after four and a half years in that campus, I don't regret going there at all.

My younger brother got into UP Diliman and finished Library Science and my youngest brother finished Marine Biology in UPLB. I wonder what my little sister would take six to seven years from now? She would be the grandslam for my parents. 4 Iskolars ng Bayan. ^.^ Would that just be awful? Otoke?

But seriously, whatever school you are in or are from, it would not determine your might open doors in the beginning or add more pressure from the start. It all depends on you.

Remember, "Everything you remember from school is your education."
that includes how you handle hardships, heartbreak and how you celebrate your achievements.



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