Monday, February 6, 2012


Ito ay isang contest.
Simple lang.
2. minimum words: 24,000 words MAXIMUM : 25,000 words
3. 10-12 chapters (10 chapters with prologue and epilogue ang ibig sabihin nito)
4. Times New Roman 12
All novels will be posted in the TOP site unedited by ME, the EIC.
The winners will be judged by:
1) Number of comments and
2) Number of Facebook likes
THEME: Long Distance Love (preferrably one character or both main characters are OFW or in OFW like situations - karelasyong ng ofw asawa or foreigner etc)
TOP Five (first place to fifth)
TOP Novel of the Year 2012 - first place novel TOP Writer of the Year 2012 - for the writer of said novel
1. Gils (varying amount) TOP currency
2. TOP treasure box (laman to be announced)*hopefully me pinas address ito*
3. Load (TBA)
*sorry no cash kasi sa shipping na gagamitin. ^.^
Writing Period/Nomination period: February 1, 2012 to  May 30, 2012 (Birthday ko)
Voting period : June 2012
Winners will be announced in JULY 2012
How to Submit?
1. Copy paste this CV complete it and send to Check FORMAT OF CV HERE.
2. Send the Document file of your story as an attachment. (make sure mababasa ko kung me password ang document give it to me sa email)
Title of Document: TITLEOFNOVEL(datesubmitted)TOPnameofwriter
Example: mylonelyheart041212pinaywriter.docx or .doc
(if your document does not follow this rule, it will be ignored)
3. SUBJECT TITLE: TOP LDR ENTRY (baka kasi isipin kong spam ito eh para maiwasan)
4. Attach a picture you want to use for the cover of your novel. WE WILL MAKE THE COVER FOR IT. NOT YOU.
5. Attach a REAL PICTURE OF YOU that can be posted to verify na a) Tao ka talaga b) Alam ko kung sinong kukulamin kung plagarized pala ang work mo.
6. NOVELS MUST BE ORIGINAL UNPUBLISHED OFFLINE AND ONLINE. Kahit ung sinubmit sa school di pwede.
Ito ang pakulo ko for TOP's 5th Anniversary. ^.^ Simulan na ang pagsusulat. Bawal magpatulong sa ibang tao. Sariling sikap ito.

EIC Pinaywriter

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