Monday, February 27, 2012

Frantic February : The lowdown on my Love month

For one thing there was not Mr. February this time around. Thank God.
I missed Trina's bday and didn't get her a gift. Cue : I am such an evil friend.
I didn't go with her to Subic because of travel conflicts. Cue: I am such a shitty friend.
I found out that Jay went there with a friend and I didn't know beforehand since I have been off the grid on fb and could have gotten Trina some company had I only been in the loop. Cue: I really need to get a damn internet provider. I hope Wi tribe already works in my area.
I went to Elbi and watched Articulo Mortis. Which I loved so much.
I did heart to heart with my also getting fatter apprentice Dada.
I missed seeing Pchan when we were there.
I met my Anak Geb's Marvie. She is nice and pretty! And gets my jokes so me likey.
Geb didn't get to treat me out but there would be time enough for that in the future.
I slept in Dada's bed. Love that foam, need to find out where to get one! He slept on the wooden floor. Poor honey. ^.^ Love him.
Ate kalihim in the corner bakery near his house.
Had one red horse in my whole febfair stay. Wow self control is that you?
Ate yummy burger at Jungle java that hottie kuya served. Can I eat him too? Nah. Behave.
I had a freenimie that I can not stomach after realizing that he is how he is and I shouldn't take his attitude personally.
I made another frenimie that I don't know how to deal with but I would probably just be civil to. Note to self: Stop being to fracking friendly. Limited friend slots. Reserve for non-overly dramatic people but people who can teach you to get ahead without calling people ugly and cursing less.
I lost my Eikichi and it still had unuploaded pictures of my Elbi trip and other stuff. Cue: Thank God I no longer have lewd pics there. Whew.
I will go jogging today if the jogging group in our wave is going.
Note to self: Still haven't written Yobo #4 YOU BROKE PROMISE TO NORBY!
Will make up to him.
Last week of process training. Was able to pass first three skill checks. One more to go. Then transition from 12am to 9am.
Must save for Dec30 to Jan2 trip for 10th anniversary with friends.
Must loose weight for July wedding of Maribel. Note: ask her to sms you on new sim card.
Bought a new sim card.
Won't be buying a new cp soon. If possible will buy in March. Galaxy Y. Don't judge me. I like it.
I want to buy a Galaxy Tab soon but I need to save up for it.
Will go home next weekend to borrow old mom's cp.
Went to SNR last 25th
Because Pen's supplementary member
Ate calzones (now I know why Marshal loves them)
and a huge pizza slice
Helped Kat buy muffins for her cousin *that rhymes*
Bought Musketeers and toothbrushes (3 in a pack)
Whirled around SNR with kat fritz pen & jaime
Tried to talk to them out of purchasing the entire store.
Saw a trolly bag I want to purchase Backpack that becomes a bag
Went online and found out about the EB. Till 3 only!!!
Went to Trinoma went from the Starbucks garden to the carshow in the bottom. Should have started in the freaking bottom. Just when I was about to leave I saw Lou!!!
Talked to her and Ivy and Foo.
Got Cashmere Mafia and Galactica Razor.
Saw new mancrush in Cashmere Mafia, brain surgeon Jason.
Bought groceries to make sure I eat even after money is low or runs out.
Decided not to buy a cp but borrow the phone my mom can spare.
Bought jogging pants which I thought was 400 worth but was on sale so it was only less than a hundred. Should have gotten two!!! Anyway I can always go back tomorrow for another one!!!
Decided that my century tuna diet would work as my afternoon meal instead of all those preservatives filled food I have been eating from the cafeteria. Or at least for breakfast. Tuna and cereal. Then I can have dinner of siomai and rice at work. Then dinner would be courtesy of Pen. Then jogging with Mike, Auda and AL whenever possible.

I hope pickpocket would stop keeping my cp on and using my sim since I do not want him or her or it using my  number to sms anyone. Damn. I want to go all hacker on said pickpocket but I am just going to leave him or her or it to the universe.

I got a pretty good story idea from the experience though. Two actually. So I think it's find. A cp for story ideas and a chance to have a new gadget in my life. Seems serendipitous somehow. Though I would regret not uploading those pictures argh.

Hate thieves. The only thieves that I would allow to live in the world are the cuties who take my breath away. ^.^

See you in March!!!


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