Friday, September 16, 2011

A USANA C.A.T. meet-up

Our friend Joy N. started her road to USANA-hood and had asked for us to meet up with her about the whole biz. Eka, Mea and were supposed to be there. But Eka couldn't get a sitter for her baby. T_T I need to remember to include her baby to the kiddies I would give dolls and doll dresses to. ^.^ 

Small, Large, Medium @ Hot&Cold Batangas

Mea's sis had been on Herbalife *facepalm* and when she saw me, who was using Nutrimeal and essentials, we told her that she should make her sister stop that. We got to meet one of Joy's mentors, and she talked to us about the business side first. 

I have of course gotten most of the information from my brother and was already a living testament to what the few products could do. Proflavanol helped with the stuff on my legs, I feel more energetic because of the Essentials and 83 kgs to 77.2 kg (as of my last weight in last September 7) is something to brag about. 

In fact, all the peeps in my hometown who told my brother that if he could make me lose weight they'd buy from him ended up buying essentials first then maybe when they see that they feel better and are sold to the idea, they'd get into the nutrimeal habit as well. I went home after the whole meeting, missing the padasal for my lolo (sorry lolo, I love you nevertheless) and the rainy trip to Eternal Gardens. 

I got to talk to Mea whom I haven't seen in two years. Thus, we were able to grant the group wish to see each other during the year. Though the 4214 meeting got moved to October 8 from September 17. ^.^ I hope we can do something similar with the CATs. Mea and Kate work in Makati. I live in Makait. But they want to meet up somewhere in between their house. T_T I don't know if I know how to go there. ^.^ Oh well. 

Still don't know if Makis is going to move soon since she's incomunicado. We tried to contact her that Saturday but I have yet to meet up or talk to her since the last time she contacted me about the wi-tribe thing. I would appreciate it if she took some time to contact me. I keep imagining her in a basement tied to a chair. Seriously I am. 

On a side note, my mom tried to put her foot down about my work too. But I told her I have a different passion and plans. I have plan A, Project Manuscript and Plan B Project Morgan. There are two possibilities. Hopefully things would work out either way. But I am hoping it's Plan A. 

I consulted with my brother if he was going to tap Canada and he said that it might be hard to send stuff to that part of the world and I told him that there is a market in Canada for USANA as well. pabo. But I think the things that are happening in his life professionally and otherwise is actually too much for him to handle. So he doesn't have the time to go full-time on this racket. 

So I told Joy that I would contact my aunt for her. I hope things would work out. Joy has a different drummer and some of her mentors would learn that about her. You can't rush Joy. ^.^ But she'll get where she needs to go using her own steam. 

Note to self: Reversal of dress sizes. Mind-blowing. And I love Mea's hair. Her curls are not trying hard unlike some other person I know. 

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